Axcess Inc. Introduces Wireless Security Video Direct from the Camera

Axcess Inc. Introduces Wireless Security Video Direct from the Camera


AXCESS Inc. a leading provider of advanced technology security and asset management products and solutions, today introduced the LANconnect-SW, a streaming video device which transmits live or recorded security video directly over 802.11b wireless networks. The product joins the previously announced wireless handheld Pocket PC viewer to offer homeland defense and other security personnel a complete set of wireless video transmission and viewing capabilities.

The product will be marketed through AXCESS’ channel partners and will be of special focus in the recently formed Homeland Security marketing initiative, which addresses growing security concerns within airports, transportation, oil and gas, communications and other critical domestic industries.

The LANconnect-SW provides dual-input video and two-way audio transmission to multiple viewers simultaneously through a dedicated security application or through a browser. It represents a multi-media platform appliance, which supports the use of interchangeable, standards-based video and audio compression technology. Utilizing 802.11b wireless LANs, the unit allows users to view live, streaming video from remote cameras without the requirement of hardwiring the camera or transmitter.

Users are able to quickly deploy security cameras virtually anywhere in a facility, allowing for greatly increased flexibility and rapid response to potential problem areas. Live or recorded video can be delivered directly to a mobile security professional along with two-way audio to discuss the situation with central station monitoring personnel.

“Along with the recently announced ability to view live video on wireless handheld Pocket PCs, the LANconnect-SW now strengthens AXCESS’ wireless video offering by giving customers both transmission and receiving capabilities via wireless LANs,” commented Didier Bredy, Vice President of OEM Sales at AXCESS Inc. “The need to rapidly implement geographically disperse security solutions has dramatically increased recently, and as part of our offering to Homeland Defense industries we are now delivering a missing piece that renders security video more pervasive and efficient.”

The Prism Video™ family of digital video products utilizes standard computer networks to lower cost, speed installation, and widen surveillance camera coverage. This improved transmission method is coupled with digital video recording, which reduces recording cost, and improves the overall quality of security video and access to the recorded files. The network-based system enables the viewing of live and recorded video by multiple users, both near and far, including the delivery of immediate user-defined alerts of critical situations.