MkiVki Visual Music Player

MkiVki Visual Music Player


MkiVki, as a visual music player, is the first portable equipment that enables the user to edit the image and music randomly and play them. Unlike MP3 players that can only play music, the user can view music video and, take and edit moving/still pictures so that the user can enjoy creating his or her own culture, which can appeal to the “N generation”.


Text processor and MP3 Play
– The user can read words while listening to MP3 music.
JPEG and Motion JPEG process (up to 20 frame/sec)
– The user can watch music video while listening to MP3 music
Real time caption function (up to 10 frame/sec)
– Still/moving picture storing function
– Camera module(CIS) input still screen or still/moving picture taking function
– TV tuner input, video signal caption function
Voice recording function
PDA function
– PIMS(Personal Information) processing function
High-end 2D graphic function
– Game function (300K Polygon/sec)
IrDA 4Mbps between terminals and serial port is supported
– Network game function between terminals
Upload and download between terminal and PC (USB up to 12Mbps)


Main System
– Processor : 80MHz MMSP-1 (Multimedia Signal Processor)
– Memory : 16Mb*2 SDRAM, Bulit-in 64MB NAND Flash Memory
– Aux.Storage : Upgrade with Customized Flash Memory Module
– Power : 110V/220V Free Voltage (USB port Adaptor)
– Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion (3.6V, 1800mAh)
– Battery Life : Around 10 Hours(Depends on at Audio & Video Playback Mode)
– User Interface : 4 Selection Buttons and 4 Direction Buttons
– Display : 2.5 inch Transmissive TFT Color LCD (480*234) with LED Backlight
– Size : 94.3mm x 71mm x 23.4mm (24.8mm at Battery)
– Output/Input
: Serial Port, USB1.2, IrDA1.1, Stereo Earphone Jack,
Built-in Speaker, Microphone
– Bundle Software Program
: Multimedia Edition Program, File Management Program,
Personal Information Management Program
Option Module
– TV Module : T.B.D
– Digital Camera Module : CIS, 340K Pixel(VGA Resolution)