Nokia D211 – First Multimode Radio Card

Nokia D211 – First Multimode Radio Card


Nokia has unveiled its first data product that brings GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology to laptops and handheld devices. The small but powerful Nokia D211 is a multimode radio card offering “always-on” Internet access within GPRS, HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data), and wireless LAN (Local Area Network) coverage areas. The product will be available in the second quarter, 2002.

“The Nokia D211 is an ideal product for mobile professionals needing mobile data connectivity. It extends personal mobility further with remote access to corporate services. Users will need only one device for mobile data services and email, but will have more options for connecting to the Internet and the company intranet. The Nokia D211 is an excellent complement to our business product portfolio,” said Seppo Laukkanen, Vice President, Product Management, Europe and Africa, Nokia Mobile Phones.

The Nokia D211 is a perfect fit for those whose primary business tool is a portable computer. The card enables the sending and receiving of emails, text messages, telefaxes and offers wireless access to the Internet and the intranet on a laptop. The Nokia D211 is compatible with a wide range of portable devices that incorporate type II or III PC card slot with sufficient power supply. It operates in the Windows(TM) 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, Windows CE 3.0 and Linux environments. The Nokia D211 is also compatible with leading VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions over GPRS and wireless LAN. For corporate users, the Nokia D211 together with VPN offers a secure and reliable way to access company confidential information.

The Nokia D211 functions in EGSM 900/1800 networks within GPRS, HSCSD, and wireless LAN coverage areas, and the connection technology and configuration can easily be managed from the graphical user interface. The Nokia D211 has a data transmission rate of up to 40.2 kbit/s in the GPRS environment, up to 43.2 kbit/s in the HSCSD environment, and up to 11 Mbit/s in the wireless LAN environment. The Nokia D211 offers an IEEE802.11b WiFi compliant wireless network interface.

GPRS technology will allow users to get more out of mobile data connectivity, enabling an immediate connection to the Internet. GPRS sends data in packets, making possible billing schemes based on the amount of information sent or received, rather than on connection time. The Nokia D211 also supports HSCSD for flexible data connections, offering high-speed connections for constant data transmission and is therefore ideal for sending and receiving larger amounts of information on the move. Wireless LAN allows seamless indoor mobility via wireless LAN access points inside the office, at home or in public hotspots such as airport lounges and conference halls.

The Nokia D211 weighs 51 g, is 125 mm in length and 45 cc in size, and has an internal antenna.