Nikon D100 6 megapixel Digital SLR

Nikon D100 6 megapixel Digital SLR


The Nikon D100 was developed to meet the growing demand for a superbly designed compact and lightweight digital SLR of exceptional value. The camera’s target users are advanced amateurs and professionals who seek an approachable digital SLR camera that offers superb image quality and performance.

The new Nikon D100 boasts sophisticated digital image control technology, including superb image quality with 6.1 effective megapixels, an improved image-processing algorithm, and an enhanced Auto White Balance system. It inherits exclusive, high-performance Nikon features such as 3D Matrix Metering, Five-Area Autofocus and a built-in Speedlight with D-TTL flash control capability. And of course, it provides full compatibility with more than 40 AF Nikkor lenses for professional optical quality, as well as numerous other accessories including a dedicated Multi Function Battery Pack and a new Nikon Capture 3 software which enables remote control of the camera body as well as reading/adjustment of Nikon ‘NEF’ RAW image file for greater results. All of these features are packed in a stylish, compact and lightweight body for optimum portability. With so many innovations in such a practical design, the Nikon D100 is certain to attract countless new digital SLR users to the world of Nikon digital SLR photography.

Note: Specifications, design, product name and standard accessories may differ by country or area.

Nikon D100 Feature Highlights

6-megapixel high-definition images
The excitement begins with the Nikon D100’s new large CCD — equal in size to that of Nikon D1-series professional cameras yet offering even higher definition. The camera features 6.1 million effective pixels which produce ultrahigh-definition 3,008 x 2,000-pixel images. Quality in fact that rivals film printing itself. In addition, the D100’s new one-chip system LSI provides super-fast image processing in a compact and lightweight body capable of handling this rich, high-resolution data, while keeping power consumption to a minimum.

Quality digital images — automatically

The Nikon D100 makes your introduction to Nikon digital SLR imaging quality easier than ever. The secret is Nikon’s 3D Digital Matrix Image Control that features a refined image-processing algorithm to ensure astonishingly faithful color reproduction with exceptionally smooth gradations. The three components of this highly effective image-control function are 3D Matrix Metering for precise exposure control, TTL White Balance for precise color temperature determination, and Tone Compensation for optimal contrast whatever the lighting situation. Moreover, the camera’s built-in Speedlight features D-TTL Flash operation to provide advanced flash control. The D100 handles it all automatically.

High-performance Nikon SLR features

Those acquainted with Nikon SLRs will find the Nikon D100 controls and operation intuitive. The D100 features the same control system and advanced features of field-proven Nikon SLRs — including the acclaimed Five-Area Autofocus system, 10-segment Matrix Metering sensor and TTL Multi Sensor. And as expected, the camera accepts the full range of AF Nikkor lenses, as well as a variety of Speedlights including the latest SB-80DX. Users will enjoy the same high level of performance and capability that they had expect from a Nikon SLR. It’s the best of Nikon SLR advances made digital.

Digital photography that completes your vision

Users can fully explore the advantages of digital SLR photography with the Nikon D100 and exclusive Nikon software. Nikon View 5 software (supplied) enables easy transfer and viewing of images — including those taken in Nikon ‘NEF’ RAW file format — on computer. The new optional Nikon Capture 3 software features versatile image manipulation tools that allow users to fine-tune images. It even lets users control the camera remotely from their computer.

Nikon D100 Major Features

6.1 effective megapixels for 3,008 x 2,000-pixel images
Compact and lightweight (weighs approx. 700g/24.7 oz.)
New CCD sensor is the same size as that of D1-series SLRs (lens magnification factor x1.5)
3D Digital Matrix Image Control for precise exposure control, adaptive auto white balance, and optimal color accuracy
High-performance built-in Speedlight with D-TTL flash control — offers results equal to Nikon’s field-proven 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash
Three color modes offered for different workflow environments
Five-Area Autofocus with Dynamic AF operation
High-speed image processing provided by new one-chip system LSI
Top shutter speed of 1/4,000 sec. and flash sync speed up to 1/180 sec.
Plug-and-play USB1.1interface for quick computer connection
On-Demand Grid Lines can be displayed in viewfinder
Custom Settings can be selected in the LCD monitor
Compatible with CompactFlash™ cards Type I and Type II including 512MB/1GB IBM MicroDrive™
Nikon View 5 software (supplied) enables easy transfer and viewing of images on your computer
Optional Nikon Capture 3 software for excellent image management and remote operation
Optional Multi Function Battery Pack MB-D100 accepts six 1.5V LR6 (AA-size alkaline) batteries or one or two Li-ion batteries for extended shooting capability. Features voice memo recording/playback function, vertical shutter release button, Main and Sub Command Dials, AF start button and a 10-pin remote terminal.