Elsa’s Stylish New Web Pad LogBoard

Elsa’s Stylish New Web Pad LogBoard


Networking and graphics board vendor ELSA has introduced its wireless Logboard, a colour touch-screen webpad, based on the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard. The product, with its stylish and robust design, is light and simple to use. The ELSA Logboard’s large colour screen offers clear Internet and email access, whilst the wireless connectivity allows complete flexibility. This is particularly important in areas difficult or too costly to cable, such as listed university buildings.

“Physically the ELSA Logboard is about the same size as a small laptop screen,” said Peter Huddleston, product manager for datacomms and networking at ELSA. “It has a soft touch screen keyboard similar to many PDAs on the market and, like a PDA, it recharges via a docking station. The ELSA Logboard has a wide appeal, ideal for the corporate, public and private sectors. It can be used, for example, in schools and Universities for teaching and research or in hospitals for doctors to view lab results directly from the bedside. It has even been installed in an hairdressers, as an alternative to magazines and papers, to keep the customer satisfied! For home users, they can get online quickly and easy from any location in the house or garden.”

The ELSA Logboard uses the high throughput 11Mbs wireless LAN standard, ranging from up to 50 metres within buildings and up to 400 metres outside. It requires a suitable Wi-Fi compliant IEEE 802.11b wireless access point/adapter card i.e. ELSA Vianect WLAN AP-11 or ELSA Vianect WLAN MC-11, and an installed Internet access device – using either dial-up or broadband methods. The ELSA Logboard retails for £1299.99 inc. VAT.