Toshiba to Offer Enhanced PDA with New Intel Processor and Wireless Connectivity

Toshiba to Offer Enhanced PDA with New Intel Processor and Wireless Connectivity


Empowering the mobile customer with a powerful and lightweight productivity device with integrated wireless connectivity, the Computer Systems Group (CSG) of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS) today announced its plans to introduce a robust, Pocket PC PDA powered by the Intel® PXA250 Applications Processor. The new handheld device will be available in Q’2, 2002.

Featuring the new processor based on the Intel® XScale™ microarchitecture at 400MHz, Toshiba’s next- generation PDA will deliver improved performance and significant power savings to handle the most demanding productivity and multimedia applications. With integrated wireless functionality and dual expansion slots, customers will experience seamless communication and increased mobility, without adding weight or increasing the size of the handheld device.

“Toshiba is firmly committed to providing our customers the most productive mobile technology on the market to help grow their business,” said Oscar Koenders, vice president of product marketing, Toshiba CSG. “With the Intel PXA250 Applications Processor, Toshiba’s next generation Pocket PCs will deliver improved performance to handle the most demanding applications.”

“Intel understands today’s critical need for the mobile user to access information quickly at any location and the Intel PXA250 Applications Processor delivers on that need with its optimized performance and low power consumption,” said Peter Green, general manager of Intel’s Handheld Computing Division. “We are pleased to be a key enabler of these benefits to Toshiba’s upcoming PDA device.” Toshiba also plans to offer a PDA solution targeted to the consumer marketplace in Q’2, 2002.

Photographs courtesy of PDABuzz.