Sony W101 Slimtop Portable Desktop System

Sony W101 Slimtop Portable Desktop System


Sony’s W101 is the most innovative slimtop since the NEC Simplem first hit the market in 1999. The W101 debuted in Tokyo on February 9th, 2002 and sold out the same day. The W101 owes much of its overwhelming popularity to its clean, forward, attractive design. Despite its thin profile, the entire computer is integrated into the display. A fold-up keyboard reduces clutter. Two 3W stereo speakers are integrated into the side of the screen. And, two color schemes are available. (White or Black.)

Another wonderful aspect of the Sony W101 is its widescreen 15.3″ TFT. The wide 16:9 is good to look at, in every sense. Its added real estate improves the web browsing experience, and offers special benefit for graphic artists or stock traders. The integrated DVD/CD-RW completes the multimedia experience. The 1.2 GHz Celeron, 512mb RAM (max), and 40gb HDD offer very ample power.

The only thing as attractive as the W101 with its 15.3″ widescreen is its price. Starting at only $2199, the W101 is much more attractive than any other slimtop on the market. Like our Sony GT3 (subnotebook computer with camera), the W101 is a Japan-only concept-computer. Sony wants to own the desktop space in Japan, and the W101 is priced aggressively to take market share.

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