Matsushita’s New Network Camera Comes with Domain Name

Matsushita’s New Network Camera Comes with Domain Name


Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. launched a monitoring service employing a network camera with a domain name.

With this system, users can view images on their browser via the Internet.

The company also introduced the network camera, “KX-HCM2,” dedicated for this service, onto the market.

Called the “Miemasu Net Service,” the system eliminates the need for a user to obtain a specific domain name to assign to the camera. By adding favorite letters before “”, users can directly access the camera through the Internet to view images taken by the camera. Employing built-in Web server capabilities, a KX-HCM2 camera monitors images upon power-on and connection to an Ethernet cable. The stationary camera has a viewing field of 45 degrees horizontally and 33 degrees vertically.

The service also offers the multi-camera function that enables simultaneous display from up to four camera units to show on the same window of a browser.

In addition, the camera can send an alert by e-mail, or forward an image shot to the user, notifying the user of any abnormal incident evidenced by the camera. For example, the user may be notified by e-mail of the opening and shutting of the monitored door. Also, the image shot of the door opening can be sent. For this service, an external switch is necessary.

The network camera KX-HCM2 sells for $350 USD (46,800 YEN), and the Miemasu Net Service is available at 3,000 yen per month. Kyushu Matsushita is offering a free trial service during the initial period up to March 31, 2002.