Panasonic KX-TG2720 2.4GHz GigaRange Expandable Telephone

Panasonic KX-TG2720 2.4GHz GigaRange Expandable Telephone


For the convenience associated with a multi-handset telephone without the complicated wiring required by standard small telephone systems, Panasonic offers the new KX-TG2700, KX-TG2720, KX-TG2730 and KX-TG2740. These new Multi-Talk 2.4GHz GigaRange Expandable telephone systems are loaded with features and, unlike many current expandable systems, MultiTalk offers users four different types of expandable handsets that can be added instead of only one type.

“Useful in both a home office or just a busy household, these new telephones offer the option of operating a single feature-packed base unit with the ability to interact with up to eight separate handsets,” says Frank Lasorsa, assistant general manager, Panasonic’s Communications/Home Office Products Division.

In addition to reaping the benefits offered by clear, long-range cordless 2.4GHz operation, each handset user can also take advantage of speakerphone-capability, four-way conferencing and a variety of other advanced features.

Operating on the ultra-clear 2.4GHz Frequency Band and using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Digital Operation*, these new multi-handset telephone systems transmit or “spread” their signal over many frequencies per second helping to assure a private conversation. Panasonic’s 90-channel auto scanning system will automatically scan available channels for the next clear available channel before the user even initiates a call.

The new KX-TG2700 and KX-TG2730 operate on one phone (CO) line, while the KX-TG2720 and KX-TG2740 connect to two separate (CO) phone lines. Each system comes with one KX-TGA270 cordless handset with the option to add up to seven additional compatible handsets. Just connect each phone line to the master base unit, and plug in the AC charging cradle for each cordless handset, and the system is ready for use.

Caller ID compatibility on each of these systems will help reveal the identity of the caller before the phone is even answered. When used in conjunction with Call Waiting Caller ID,** the multifunction, backlit, four-line LCD display on the handset on all of the models and the additional LCD display on the base of the KX-TG2740 will show each caller’s complete information without additional scrolling.

Also viewable via these displays is Caller ID memory for later review with instant callback capability. Each cordless handset has memory capacity for 50 names and numbers. Handset LCD’s also show “line in use,” “out of range” and other icons for system status.

These new expandable multi-handset systems can also save your most-frequently dialed phone numbers in their alphabetical directory. The phone systems each have a 50-Station Phone Directory with Dialer on each handset. Individual phone directories can also be shared between each handset. An additional directory on the base of the KX-TG2700, KX-TG2720 and KX-TG2730 can hold up to 10 speed-dial numbers for quick access to select numbers of your choosing. A navigator key, provided on each handset, grants easy access to these phone directories and Caller ID Memory. This key can also be used to set the handset volume or ringer loudness, or for programming and other functions.

The KX-TG2730 and KX-TG2740 are designed to handle your messaging needs when you’re not available. Located on the base is an all-digital answering machine with 15-minute capacity. The system provides three separate voice mailboxes and up to two mailboxes can be accessed simultaneously from any two handsets or the base and one handset. Other messaging features include remote message and mailbox access from any handset, full voice prompts, and time and date stamps for each message recorded.

The KX-TG2700 and KX-TG2720 have voice mail message-waiting indicators for use with phone company-subscribed voice mail service**.

The KX-TG2700, KX-TG2720, KX-TG2730 and KX-TG2740 let you call any station from the base unit or “page” them all at once. A four-way conferencing capability lets you link, for example, two handsets and the base unit with an outside call or three handsets with an outside call. Ideal for hands-free conversations or involving a group of participants, these models also include a base speakerphone and a speakerphone on each of the handsets and a headset jack for use with an optional headset. Each system also includes a lighted keypad on the handset, a handset locator, and individual volume controls on the base and handset.

Expanding the System

Those who would like to add additional handsets to these new phones systems have a variety of three different styled models to choose from:

· The silver-colored KX-TGA270, the same model that’s included with the KX-TG2700, KX-TG2720, KX-TG2730 and KX-TG2740 systems

· The stylish and compact KX-TGA271, which is thinner than the other handsets and available in striking violet and white fashion colors, or

· The KX-TGA272 that also has a silver hue and adds an alarm clock to its design.

Among the features on each handset is one or two-line compatibility, conferencing, line status indicator, a backlit, our-line LCD display, 50-name-and-number Caller ID Memory and Dialer, 50-station Phone Directory and Dialer, an adjustable ringer (Off/Low/High) with six selectable patterns, two-way intercom and “Any Key” answer.

These handset models also include a wall-mountable extra charging cradle and a headset jack for connection to headsets equipped with a 2.5 mm connection jack.