Sony SRX7 Ultimate Sub 3 Pound Wireless Bluetooth Notebook

Sony SRX7 Ultimate Sub 3 Pound Wireless Bluetooth Notebook


Sony’s SRX7 is the most technically sophisticated ultralight notebook to date. Sony has pulled out all the stops to design a lightning quick platform with every integrated feature and impressive ease-of-use.

The 2.78 pound Sony SRX7 features integrated Bluetooth wireless communications. This is an ideal wireless protocol for sharing information with other Bluetooth-equipped devices, from cellular phones (such as the Ericsson T68) to the Sony DV-camcorder (DRV-IP7). Equally as impressive, the SRX7 has integrated 802.11b 11mps (Wi-Fi), allowing you to communicate easily on the 2.4ghz 802.11b spectrum. Many corporate offices now use 802.11b, and it’s relatively easy to set up a home wireless network, allowing you to roam freely in a 100 meter area, and browse the net on your laptop. In some cities in the U.S., you can acquire free or low-cost 802.11b access in dense urban areas. And, Starbucks has teamed up with Microsoft to offer 802.11b access in Starbucks locations throughout the U.S. All-in-all, it’s a great feature to have.

There’s more. The SRX7 also has an integrated LAN port (100/10baseT), integrated V.90 56k modem, and integrated mini-VGA (requires optional dongle). An internal MagicGate slot allows you to insert Sony MemorySticks directly into the computer. Transfer photos from your camera, or load up your MP3 player. There is also an integrated IEEE 1394 (4-pin Firewire) for transferring digital video or plugging in external drives. Finally, a Type II PCMCIA slot and 1xUSB port give you any additional connectivity you could need.

The SRX7 has a lot of power: the Pentium III-800mhz SpeedStep with 256mb of RAM (128mb is standard) runs Windows XP beautifully. And, the 30gb HDD provides ample space for all the multimedia you care to carry. At 2.78 pounds, there has never been a comparable configuration. The machine is now shipping from Tokyo and is available immediately.