Ultra-Compact Cassius All-In-One Entertainment

Ultra-Compact Cassius All-In-One Entertainment


Catching the TV or radio news, relaxing with a DVD, or using a PC to check e-mails, work, even access navigation software, can all be simply and easily achieved with the new, space saving Cassius Intertainment Centre, a must have for any yacht or cabin cruiser.

Cassius is the world’s first system to combine the latest LCD flat screen technology with a Teletext TV, stereo radio tuner, CD and DVD player, and Internet ready PC, all housed in the screen surround. It completely eliminates the separate tower and associated clutter required by conventional PC’s and hence requires a mere fraction of the space normally needed for all these entertainment essentials.

As a TV, the free standing, wall or bulkhead mounted Cassius is operated by a simple remote control. In PC mode, a wireless keyboard and mouse provide equal freedom from the usual cables.

Cassius is the brainchild of leading UK computer technology company Densitron Technologies plc. Densitron has a high reputation for the manufacture of LCD screens, touch screens and visual displays built-in to many of today’s technology products including mobile phones and digital cameras. The company is also a leading manufacturer of industrial computers.

Tony Jones, managing director of Densitron Computer Solutions says: “Space is always at a premium on any yacht or cruiser. Cassius provides the complete entertainment solution, plus the facility to run specialist navigation software, yet needs little more space than a picture on the wall. It is always good to take technology to the next stage in convenience and performance. It is even better when a British company gets there first.”

The complete Cassius centre is a mere 2.5 inches thick. Its 15.1 inch TFT LCD is equivalent to a 17 inch CRT screen and has a resolution of 1024×768. There are speakers built in to the screen surround and full support is provided for external Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound systems.

TV and radio tuners provide Nicam digital stereo TV and FM stereo radio reception with all necessary programme search, brightness and volume controls operated by remote infra red or from the side of the entertainment centre.

The PC has an Intel Pentium lll 800 Mhz processor and 128MB SDRAM with 20Gb hard drive. It comes complete with a 3.5 inch FDD and a DVD/CDROM drive. The memory is expandable to 256MB while a V.90 modem and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN provide full Internet and networking readiness. A PCMCIA slot is located on the underside of the centre.

Connectivity is provided through a range of ports including 1 x COM, 3 x USB, LAN, modem, VGA, serial, game and printer connections, plus audio and video (including optical SPDIF), and FM/VHF antenna ports. Cassius weighs just 8kg (18lbs) and measures 330mm x 390mm x 79mm overall.

It is supplied complete with desk stand and is compatible with standard VESA wall or arm mounting systems.