TDK Systems’ Bluetooth Adaptor lets laptops loose

TDK Systems’ Bluetooth Adaptor lets laptops loose


TDK Systems Europe has released a Bluetooth USB Adaptor device that gives laptop users cable-free access to emails and the Internet.

The unit is also suitable for desktop PCs, bringing low cost wireless printing and Personal Area Networking (PAN), with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, to the home and small office environment.

The USB Adaptor, part of the Go Blue product range, simply plugs into the USB port and clips onto the PC. The device enables cable-free data exchanges between laptop and desktop PCs and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, PDAs and headsets. The USB Adaptor has been thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility with other Bluetooth devices including access points.

In addition to its Internet and email applications, the Go Blue USB Adaptor allows users to access Intranet files when out of the office. It also enables ad-hoc networking in wireless workgroup meetings and the automatic synchronisation of Palm devices, mobile phones and PCs.

The Adaptor is simple to install and features a windows-based toolbox. This enables users to establish security settings, locate and connect to other Bluetooth devices within the PAN ‘neighbourhood’ and initiate the exchange of data.

TDK Systems has been working with many other major hardware and software developers associated with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), to ensure wireless compatibility amongst mobile phones, PDAs and printers – and across the relevant communications protocols such as the
GPRS network.

“Products in the Go Blue range – such as the USB Adaptor, Blue5 for PalmV series PDAs, and the soon to be released PC card – are dedicated to retrofitting Bluetooth to products that are already widely used,” said Nick Hunn, managing director at TDK Systems. “There is no need to wait for cable-free mobile computing. It is with us now.”

The product works with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME and SE. It complies with the internationally ratified Bluetooth 1.1 standard for interoperability and is capable of data transmission speeds of up to 721kbps.

Available throughout Europe immediately, the Go Blue USB Adaptor has a suggested retail price of £99 in the UK.