Motorola V101 Personal Communicator Now in Canada

Motorola V101 Personal Communicator Now in Canada


Motorola Canada today launched the new V101 personal communicator, a 2-in-1 device available exclusively from Rogers™ AT&T® Wireless that combines voice and data communications through its phone and text messaging capabilities. The Motorola V101 is the first device in Canada that converges the ease of a QWERTY keyboard with the convenience of a wireless phone. By combining these features, the Motorola V101 responds to growing consumer demand for multifunctional wireless devices that deliver on the promise of SMS and Instant Messaging. Its leading-edge technology and sleek design will appeal to consumers looking for an efficient means of communication that also makes a personal statement.

“The Motorola V101 is a new species of wireless device – an excellent mobile phone married to an excellent text messenger,” said Jim Madigan, Major Account Manager, Messaging, Motorola Canada. “Motorola prides itself on winning the race to innovations that make a real difference in the lives of consumers. Text messaging is growing in popularity but it is clear consumers want the advantages of SMS combined with the voice capability of their wireless phones. Plus, the availability of ICQ messaging allows simple and easy instant messaging with ICQ’s 120 million users worldwide.”

“Rogers AT&T Wireless is thrilled to be the first wireless carrier in North America to offer customers the exciting new Motorola V101 personal communicator,” said John Demetris, Vice President, Market Management, Rogers AT&T Wireless. “With its combined voice and messaging capabilities, customers can choose how best to keep in touch with friends and family. With the exclusive Canadian launch of the Motorola V101, Rogers AT&T Wireless continues to deliver on our commitment to meet customers’ demands for exciting and fun new ways to communicate by offering the most innovative, functional wireless devices available in Canada.”

It’s a Messenger
The Motorola V101’s QWERTY keyboard lets your fingers easily do the talking when you’d rather talk without talking. Consumers can exchange emails and text messages with any e-mail address, Motorola V101 or other wireless device when the need to be discreet or connected on the run arises. The built-in chat function makes coordinating weekend plans simple and smart, and subscribers can create their own network and communicate with up to five other Motorola V101 owners simultaneously, while viewing the entire conversation. Die-hard instant messaging fans can also set up and use ICQ (“I seek you”) mobile — the most popular Instant Messaging service in the world, available exclusively over mobile devices through Rogers AT&T Wireless — to chat with on-line friends and contacts from around the world. And when time is of the essence, pre-programmed messages such as “Where are you?” and “Will arrive in 15 minutes” help get the message across quickly.

It’s a Phone, Too
Need a break to rest your fingers or just want to hear someone’s voice? When not using the Motorola V101 to send text messages, phone calls can be made over the Rogers AT&T GSM network with one of the two wireless accessories included. Choose between a hands-free headset and an attachment that enables the device to be used as a conventional wireless phone. For added convenience, voice dialing is available with both options. By creating Voice Tags for favourite phone numbers, calls can be made and answered using buttons on the outside of the device. When bogged down with more information than is possible to remember, use the Motorola V101 Voice Recorder function that provides up to three minutes of voice recording. The Motorola V101 also includes the added benefit of reminder alarms.

But That’s Not All!
Not only does the Motorola V101 solve the battle between multiple devices, it has a number of additional features that create a truly personalized experience. Eliminate navigating through menus by creating a customized menu made up of the features most often used. Choose how to be alerted to incoming calls or messages either with standard ring tones, silent vibration, musical alerts or self-composed alerts. When a fun distraction is needed, play one of three included games. To keep track of contacts, store up to 100 email addresses or phone numbers on the V101’s memory in addition to those stored on the SIM card.

The Motorola V101 is expected to be extremely popular with young consumers who are early adopters of the text messaging trend experts have labeled “Generation Text.” The model V101 supports four different languages, and comes in Klub Blue and Shadow Bronze colours. A choice of belt clips and purse carrying cases are also available.

The Motorola V101 operates exclusively in Canada on the new Rogers AT&T GSM wireless network and is available through more than 8,000 points of distribution from coast-to-coast or on-line at the ShopRogers web site at It is being offered at an introductory rate of $99 after rebate.