Scott eVEST Version 2.0

Scott eVEST Version 2.0


Announcing the SCOTT eVEST™ Version 2.0, Version 1.0 of the SCOTT eVEST™ achieved tremendous success in a very short period of time and has completely sold out…and just in time for the debut of Version 2.0. Version 1.0 of the SCOTT eVEST™ has been featured in the NY Times, Parade, Good Morning America, USAToday, The Early Show, CNN, RedHerring, Time Magazine, Playboy, Business Week, and also on the catwalk at the CES Fashion Show in Las Vegas. Version 2.0 is now ready to steal the show.

The SCOTT eVEST™ has been designed with today’s modern and mobile person in mind and features the patent-pending Technology Enabled Clothing™ system. Version 2.0 is an update from the original SCOTT eVEST™ with zip-off sleeves and more advanced features, including wrinkle-free, micro-fiber fabric, more connectivity (ability to wire directly through the lining), a back pocket designed to hold certain laptop computers, attention to weight management, fewer logos, ability to store items in the back without taking the jacket off, and more.

The unique design of this stylish, lightweight, 17-pocket jacket allows people to discreetly hold, conceal AND connect cell phones, pagers, PDA’s (personal digital assistant) and CD/MP3 players through the patent-pending Technology Enabled Clothing™ system. The hidden conduit system runs throughout the SCOTT eVEST™, allowing you to connect wires to and from multiple electronic gadgets. Wires are kept in place by hidden Velcro tabs in the lining. All anyone ever sees is your SCOTT eVEST™.

Special pockets accommodate digital cameras, portable keyboards, GPS devices, small laptop computers, two-way radios, bottled water, plane tickets, paperback books, magazines, wallets, keys and much, much more. Use it as an extra carry-on while traveling! It makes security at airports much quicker- just put your SCOTT eVEST™ through the x-ray instead of removing (and turning on/off) all of your electroinic devices.

The design is completely hands-free. There is a loop in the collar designed to hold your earbuds in place. So, when the phone rings, all you have to do is insert the earbud and press talk. The pockets are specifically designed so you can feel your phone vibrate – so you’ll never miss a call. Also, digital phone cards (DPC) that connect a PDA to a cellphone for Internet access can be used without removing both devices. It can also be used to hide and manage the wires for MP3 and CD players.

According to CEO and Chairman, Scott Jordan: “I envision a day where the patent-pending Technology Enabled Clothing™ system will be incorporated into most upper-body, outer-wear apparel. We are already in discussions with several clothing manufactures to license the patent pending TEC™ system to them. People want the ability to carry AND use their electronic devices without being burdened with the wires. Most new electronic devices –like digital cameras and PDAs- include MP3 players, yet people don’t typically use these features because the wires are a pain. It is especially in areas where handsfree cellphones are mandated by law, e.g., New York, Europe, Asia, Israel, etc. It represents a combination of clothing, technology, and luggage. People are carrying more and more with them nowadays and don’t want to be burdened with briefcases and other bags. The time has come for people to start thinking about clothing as more than just clothing. The most important element to me was to make it fashionable. People don’t want to look geeky. The SCOTT eVEST™ conceals all of the wires and devices, much more so than belt clips.”