Plantronics M1500 Brings Bluetooth for existing Mobile Phones

Plantronics M1500 Brings Bluetooth for existing Mobile Phones


Plantronics Inc., the world leader in communications headsets, has announced the new Plantronics M1500 Cordless Headset Solution with Bluetooth™ wireless technology at the Winter 2002 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first complete Bluetooth solution for existing cellular phones, the M1500 includes a cordless headset and an innovative new Bluetooth adapter that plugs directly into the headset jack of most cellular phones. The M1500 is the latest addition to Plantronics broad line of cellular headsets and is targeted to the mobile professional.

“Our new M1500 Cordless Headset Solution is a breakthrough in bringing cordless, hands-free convenience to millions of cellular phone users,” said Ken Kannappan, Plantronics president and CEO. “The M1500 gives consumers an all-in-one cordless headset solution that works with existing cellular phones. This cordless freedom extends the benefits of hands-free communication, providing greater mobility and comfort.”

The M1500 cordless headset has been designed for the mobile professional market. The market is defined as individuals who use their cell phone more than 67% of the time for business, with minutes of use greater than 500 minutes a month. “Our research has consistently shown that the ideal headset for the mobile professional is a cordless headset, and that sound quality is a very important attribute,” said Joyce Shimizu, president of Plantronics Mobile Communications Division.

“Our corded headsets provide hands-free convenience and superior sound quality but are still “tethered” by the cord,” Shimizu continued. “Speakerphones, as an alternative, are hands-free and have no cord, but lack the superior sound quality of a noise-canceling, personal microphone. These are the two major options available to mobile professionals today. With the M1500, we deliver hands-free convenience, superior sound quality and no cord-all in a single, affordable, plug-and play-solution. With more than 74 million business cell phone users worldwide, this is a very large opportunity for Plantronics.”

The lightweight M1500 headset provides exceptional fit and comfort, with a unique conformable earloop that can be easily shaped to fit any ear. Controls are incorporated into the headset, so the user can answer or end a call by simply pressing the Answer/End button on the headset. Volume and mute controls are also located on the headset.

The M1500 solution-both the headset and the adapter-deliver up to 3 hours of talk time, up to 72 hours of standby time and can be recharged in an hour. The M1500 headset is fully compliant with version 1.1 of the Bluetooth specification, and supports the headset profile. The headset and adapter communicate via the standard 2.4 GHz Bluetooth link, which provides clear digital audio, a range up to 30 feet and advanced encryption for secure communication.

“The range of the Bluetooth link is particularly helpful if you’re in the car and you’ve left your phone in your briefcase or purse,” said Jack Reynolds, M1500 product manager. “As long as the phone is on, the call will ring through to the headset. Just push the button, and you’ve got the call. If your cell phone supports voice dialing via a headset, it keeps getting better-to dial out, you don’t have to touch your phone at all. The M1500 has a boom-style noise-canceling microphone that minimizes both wind and background noise, delivering the clear, crisp conversation that voice services require,” Reynolds added.

The M1500 headset comes “paired” with the matchbook-size Bluetooth adapter, so the two devices can immediately communicate without the need for user setup. The M1500 also comes with an AC adapter.

Knowing that mobile users may sometimes need to continue calls even when batteries run low, the M1500 headset is designed so it can be used while it’s recharging, a capability unique to the M1500. The batteries are user replaceable.

Pricing and Availability
Plantronics plans to announce pricing and availability information for the M1500 Cordless Headset Solution at the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) show, March 18 – 20, 2002, in Orlando, Florida, and at the CeBIT show, March 13 – 20, 2002 in Hannover, Germany.