Worlds First SWE-DISH Satellite System in a Suitcase

Worlds First SWE-DISH Satellite System in a Suitcase


Richardson Electronics, a global provider of engineered solutions for RF and wireless communications and broadcast products, announced today the introduction of the SWE-DISH ® IPT Suitcase. The product will be available through Broadcast Richardson, a division of Richardson Electronics. Broadcast Richardson is an authorized distributor in the Western Hemisphere for SWE-DISH’s new line of IP (internet protocol) products as well as their popular DSNG (digital satellite news gathering) FLY-AWAY and DRIVE-AWAY systems.

The SWE-DISH IPT Suitcase is recognized as the world’s most compact and quickest-to-air satellite terminal. This unique, IP-based solution allows live transmission of broadcast quality TV, radio and data from almost anywhere in the world. The carbon-cased system is virtually the size of carry-on baggage (26 x 19 x 11 inches), with a design that combines the benefits of simple, one-person operation and exceptional technical performance.

“With its motorized and fully automated set-up, the SWE-DISH IPT Suitcase can be ready for operation in just five minutes by using its built-in GPS and flux-gate compass for fast, trouble-free positioning. This can be accomplished, by unskilled personnel,” said John Donarski, Richardson’s Business Unit Manager for the Broadcast Communication Products Group. “The system makes one-person operation feasible in the most hostile conditions and creates the opportunity to cost-effectively send multiple teams on location.”

The IPT Suitcase generates full broadcast quality transmission already encoded for immediate distribution via broadband to virtually anywhere in the world at up to 2 Mbit/s. Its quick deployment, performance and convenience makes it ideal for broadcasting sports and entertainment from difficult locations, for disaster relief applications, corporate and other video conferencing situations, as well as providing temporary ISP nodes for remote workers. The unit operates from 24V DC or a main power source extending its flexibility. The suitcase is also robust enough to withstand true ‘in the field’ treatment including precipitation of up to 4 inches per hour and heavy winds.

The new terminal addresses demand within a number of interesting and rapidly expanding applications. In particular, the provision of broadband content is now easy and cost-effective. It also provides an effective and secure channel for communications of all sorts.