Worlds First FireWire KeyChain Storage

Worlds First FireWire KeyChain Storage


WiebeTech LLC, announces FireWire Keychain, its keychain sized, high speed, portable FireWire (IEEE1394) storage device. This product is designed to provide a FireWire storage device that can be readily carried absolutely anywhere. FireWire Keychain was designed to provide nonvolatile storage to FireWire users,” said James Wiebe, president of WiebeTech. “Because it can provide capacities to 1GB, it will be useful for all kinds of applications and all kinds of users.”

“FireWire Keychain opens a new storage marketplace of convenience, portability and unquestionable durability,” said James Lewis, President of Oxford Semiconductor. “This is an innovative, attractive product which Oxford Semiconductor is pleased to be a part of. Computer users will benefit from being able to carry critical files with them wherever they are. Flash storage is finally available for FireWire users from WiebeTech.”

FireWire Keychain’s list of features is as follows:

FIREWIRE STORAGE IN A KEYCHAIN. FireWire Keychain packs up to 1GB of storage into a tiny keychain enclosure that you can access through any FireWire port.

NO MOVING PARTS. FireWire Keychain doesn’t have any rotating media or moving parts. It’s not easily damaged.
TOTALLY NONVOLATILE. FireWire Keychain uses nonvolatile flash memory, which does not require magnetic media or electrical power to retain data permanently.

SELF POWERED. FireWire Keychain operates off of FireWire bus power. There are no batteries or external power connectors.

HIGH CAPACITY. FireWire Keychain will be available in capacities from 64MB to 1GB.

LIGHTNING FAST ACCESS. FireWire Keychain uses the industry leading Oxford Semiconductor 911-bridge interface, for fastest possible transfer rates. Read transfer rates are approximately six times faster than nonvolatile USB devices and write transfer rates are approximately two times faster than nonvolatile USB devices.

FireWire Keychain sets a new standard for portable storage

FireWire users now can connect nonvolatile portable storage to their computer using FireWire Keychain. Previously unavailable from any vendor, WiebeTech has finally provided an answer to this marketplace requirement.

FireWire Keychain’s small size, rugged construction, and nonvolatile operation allow it to become a completely portable part of the user’s lifestyle and work/play habits.

FireWire Keychain pricing and availability

Pricing will be announced from WiebeTech’s website on Wednesday, January 23, 2002.

In the U.S. and Canada, FireWire Keychain may be purchased from dealers. FireWire Keychain is also available directly from Inquiries are invited from qualified dealers and distributors. For current shipping status, always check the web site,