tDevice Announces Slimmest Keyboard & Case Combo; Q-pad for Palm Vx &...

tDevice Announces Slimmest Keyboard & Case Combo; Q-pad for Palm Vx & VisorEdge


Mobile PDA users who historically have sacrificed carrying a keyboard for portability now have the best of both worlds.

Today, tDevice introduced a new ultimate PDA combination accessory, which combines the function of a protective leather case, an integrated keyboard and a viewing stand for any road warrior: the Q-Pad for Handspring VisorEdge and Palm Vx.

Designed into approximately a 3″x5″x0.9″ dimension, the new Q-Pad for Handspring VisorEdge and Palm Vx packs the solid protection of an internally framed leather case, an integrated 60 key QWERTY keyboard with dedicated numeric keypad, and an ergonomic PDA viewing stand. The Q-Pad brings back the promise of PDA’s “virtually anytime, anywhere computing” by allowing the true mobility of a PDA, a keyboard and PDA protection in a single, easy-to-use package.

The Q-Pad is a productivity tool. It provides increased productivity due to its improved PDA portability, which enhances the likelihood of having the PDA & keyboard when users need them. The compactness of Q-Pad improves productivity and opportunity for true mobile PDA users. The slim profile isn’t just for portability; it also adds an aesthetic value to PDA, which increases more the likelihood of users carrying PDA.
The Q-Pad represents a breakthrough combination of uncompromising mobile performance, portability, and protection in a best-in-class industrial design. tDevice has applied patents for the Q-Pad design in areas of high-reliability mechanism of Q-Pad internal frame features and for the integrated keyboard in case designs. The unique design lends itself as most versatile keyboard design as well. The Q-Pad is the only keyboard that can be used during handheld operations as well as during desktop usages. Then there are special circuits used to minimize the battery usage while operating the keyboard.

The Q-Pad for Palm Vx is compatible with the Palm Vx units already used by the hundreds of thousands of happy users. The Q-Pad for Palm Vx incorporated sophisticated but reliable and sturdy attachment mechanism to hold the Palm Vx handheld to the frame of the case without Velcro tape or use of the stylus silo. The leather case follows the contour of the Palm Vx bottom edge yet provides strong protection.

The Q-Pad for VisorEdge is compatible with the numerous Springboard module solutions already deployed, providing a cost-effective way of extending the usefulness of VisorEdge to its owners. Unique to the Q-Pad is a flip mechanism, which provides access to the Springboard module adapter, and it also serves as the support for the PDA viewing stand. The attachment mechanism for the Q-Pad to VisorEdge does not rely on a Velcro tape; the ease and sturdiness of the attach/detach design is natural result of commitment from tDevice.

The price of the Q-Pad is under $70. It includes the Q-Pad, software, manual and a one-year warranty.
The Q-Pad will be available for volume shipment in early March 2002.