Lapvantage Notebook Desktop Stand

Lapvantage Notebook Desktop Stand


The Plasticsmith, Inc. has announced a product line designed to enhance the functionality and ergonomics of laptop computers. Lapvantage™ responds to the growing number of laptop users who prefer a choice in viewing modes. At the same time, Lapvantage™ can make notebook computers compliant with ergonomics guidelines at a fraction of the cost of expensive docking stations and external monitors.

The Portrait Edition pivots the laptop to a long-screen orientation, giving the typical user from 30% to 40% more usable screen space—the same vertical screen space of a 20″ desktop monitor. In 70% of computer applications, including word processing, emailing, and web browsing, a premium is put on vertical, not horizontal, space. With Portrait Display’s PivotPro 6 (bundled with Lapvantage), laptop users can instantly switch from landscape to portrait viewing in any application.

The Portrait Edition securely holds laptops of virtually all shapes and sizes at the ergonomically ideal height without blocking access to CD/floppy drives and ports. Users are provided with a more complete view of their documents, reducing the repetitive motions associated with scrolling. “After all,” says Eric Beerbohm, Vice President of Product Development, “Shakespeare didn’t scroll, why should you?”

When users wish to work in the standard landscape orientation, Lapvantage: Ergo Edition™ offers three models that raise the laptop to the optimal viewing point—at the eye level of the user. According to the Center for Disease Control, keeping your head and neck in a neutral posture can help prevent the development of eye strain, neck pain and shoulder fatigue. Professor Alan Hedge, director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Program of Cornell University writes: “Beg, borrow or steal an external keyboard and mouse for desk work….be sure to elevate and position the screen to approximate looking at a real monitor.” The Ergo Edition makes possible the use of a more ergonomically-friendly keyboard and mouse. Each with its own unique look, the Clear Model stands sleek and modern. The Black Model conveys a more formal look. The Storage Model provides the tidy look, with a rear pocket to store cords, USB hubs, power adapters, and other peripherals.

In all four models, Lapvantage™ turns your laptop into a desktop computer, satisfying the criteria of computer ergonomics—better posture, better viewing, better safeguards for wrists and hands.

Key Features of Lapvantage: Portrait Edition™

• Increases usable screen area from 30% – 40% for most computer applications

• Bundled with PivotPro 6.0, Portrait Display’s premiere rotation software

• Stand raises laptop to eye level for optimal vantage point, meeting the CDC’s ergonomic guidelines

• Fasteners slide to hold any laptop—regardless of its dimensions—securely on its side

• Sliding support system ensures access to ports and CD/CD-RW/DVD ROM while the laptop rests in the portrait mode

• Provides ventilation for laptops on all sides

• Creates storage space for peripherals under the raised laptop

• Manufactured from high quality, durable recycled ABS plastic

Key Features of Lapvantage: Ergo Edition™

• Raises laptop to eye level for ergonomic vantage point

• Enables the use of an external keyboard and mouse for comfort and healthy computer use

• Creates storage space for peripherals under the raised laptop

• Includes 3M rubber feet that raise the back edge of the laptop, increasing airflow beneath the laptop case

• Available in three models: clear, black, and the storage model, which prevents cord clutter

• Manufactured from high quality, durable recycled ABS plastic

Pricing and Availability

The Lapvantage™ product line is available exclusively from the Plasticsmith’s online store. The three Ergo models are available for $29.95. The Portrait Edition, bundled with PivotPro 6.0 is available for $79.95. A standalone version of the Portrait Edition is available for $49.95. The Plasticsmith offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all its products.