First PDA Designed For One-Handed Use

First PDA Designed For One-Handed Use


INVAIR presents the future of the PDA at CeBIT 2002 The secret of the success of a PDA lies in the simplicity of its operation, the extent of its functionality, and also in its dimensions (small size and weight).

All PDAs available on the market today use a stylus or a keyboard for input, and they suffer from a variety of ergonomic shortcomings in the relationship between housing and display, which limits their usefulness in everyday operation. INVAIR has addressed all those issues and presents at CeBIT 2002 the first PDA designed entirely for one-handed operation. Weighing just over three ounces and using the tiny credit card form factor, the Linux-powered device features includes a wealth of software in addition to standard PDA functionality. The metal-clad FILEWALKER has a high quality display, an IR port for email transfer, USB, a MMC Card slot, and it synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook.

Special attention was given to the legibility of the display. The device uses a reflective high resolution grayscale LCD with EL backlight for excellent legibility under all lighting conditions.

While the FILEWALKER was developed, and is manufactured, in Germany, thus assuring optimal customer service, it is a truly international device with five user-selectable languages (German, French, Italian, English, Spanish). The desired language is chosen during initial configuration and can be changed anytime with a hard system reset.

A 133MHz Intel StrongARM processor, 32MB of RAM and 16MB of Flash ROM, provide excellent computing power and performance. Data backup and protection is provided via a standard 32MB MMC Card. With the FILEWALKER, INVAIR proves that you can indeed put your office in your pocket!

FILEWALKER will be available for sale starting April 2002 at an anticipated retail price of EURO 649.