Avistar Unveils Matchbook-Sized Camera For Desktop Videoconferencing

Avistar Unveils Matchbook-Sized Camera For Desktop Videoconferencing


Avistar Communications Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise video communication solutions, today announced its new Avistar Personal Camera (the APC200) for use with Avistar’s desktop videoconferencing system. The APC200 is 75% smaller than conventional PC cameras, and attaches to any monitor – including the thin flat panels popular on financial trading floors – without blocking the screen area.

Just 4 x 5.5 cm, the Avistar camera can be mounted on a monitor’s front, side, or top; on the border of a flat panel or notebook; or even on a wall or desk. Set-up and mounting is fast and simple and the adjustable orientation of the camera makes it easy to move manually in the middle of a video call to show documents or other people. The APC200 also offers high-resolution video (510 x 492 for NTSC and 500 x 582 for PAL) and advanced audio capabilities.

The APC200 will be sold as part of the new Avistar AC210 Client kit, which allows users to access a variety of video applications from their desktops, including two-way and multi-party calling, broadcast, record and play, and video-on-demand. This comprehensive and seamless suite of applications is powered by the AvistarVOS™ software, the patented video operating system that makes video calling as natural and intuitive as sending an email. The Avistar AC210 Client kit includes the 6.2 release of the software, which provides new product features, including call screening and quick access to video presentations.

“Avistar’s customers rely on desktop video for mission-critical communication throughout the day. We believe the versatility and quality of our new camera will further assist our customers in making video collaboration a natural, stress-free activity,” said Bruce Gallaher, Chief Marketing Officer of Avistar. “The APC200 fits unobtrusively in a crowded workspace, and it is easily manipulated to fit any user’s monitor type or personal style. Avistar is delivering yet another product that is setting high standards for the entire videoconferencing industry.”