Asus Introduces the S1 Series Ultra-Portable Notebook PC

Asus Introduces the S1 Series Ultra-Portable Notebook PC


ASUSTeK Computer Inc., a world leading technology solution manufacturer, today released the latest in a series of innovative notebooks, the ASUS S1 Series. The ASUS S1 ultra-portable, 1-spindle notebook delivers balanced performance, portability, and style for today’s mobile professionals.

The ASUS S1 embodies the spirit of technology innovation with a touch of elegance. Smooth, clean lines engineered with finest-quality materials give the S1 a stylish appeal, tailored for those who demand a notebook that looks as good as it performs. Its sexy silver magnesium-alloy casing harnesses the power of the advanced Intel® Pentium® III-M mobile processor, while a lightweight 1.9kg and slim 2.1cm (minimum) profile delivers superior portability. From its soft-grain palm rest and full-size keyboard, to the silver metal buttons and rounded bottom for easy handling, the ASUS S1 exemplifies superior user-friendly design.

The ASUS S1 Series is the first ultra-slim Notebook PC in the world that adopts Intel Pentium III – M CPUs in an upgradeable uFCPGA package. With the Intel Mobile Pentium III – M processor, the ASUS S1 raises the bar on performance with speeds up to 1.26GHz and 512 KB L2 cache. Enhanced Intel SpeedStepTM technology combined with ASUS Power Gear energy saving allows users to effortlessly change intelligently between Sports mode (for maximum performance) and Patrol mode (for longer battery life) depending on usage, further extending battery life.

The display system includes a 13.3″ XGA TFT LCD and the latest Intel® 830M chipset, the ASUS S1 delivers the most powerful graphics performance available in a slim notebook. Intel 830M utilizes DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) 32MB maximum shared memory, 128-bit data bus and 3D geometric graphic engine to let you experience exhilarating 3D graphics in games with and latest DirectX and OpenGL support, as well as smooth DVD playback for movies.

ADTD II (ASUS Dynamic Thermal Dissipation Technology) resolves the thermal problems associated with many of today’s notebooks, ensuring greater reliability and productivity. Thermal sensors also intelligently adjust fan speeds and monitor system temperature to control overheating to prevent system damage or user hurt when necessary, while Air Flex-Flow design maintains quiet operation by minimizing air resistance.

Ultimate connectivity freedom is provided by a built-in 802.11b wireless MiniPCI LAN card. Experience the freedom of high-speed connectivity with no strings attached, or additionally use the built-in V.90 modem or 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN for conventional connections. While remaining slim and ultra-portable, the ASUS S1 is easily expandable to handle all your computing needs. S1 adopts Asus AiBOX Portable Module Bay – extending the storage solution into flexible combinations. Choose from slim warm swappable DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD + CD-RW, 2nd HDD IDE storage drives through Ai-BOX, add a bootable USB 1.44 MB floppy drives, or expand more ports with the ASUS PortBAR II. ASUS PortBAR II helps eliminate the inconvenience of plugging and unplugging legacy connectors of accessories and provides the most complete expansion flexibility.

The ASUS S1 Series is shipping in quantities now. Specifications may vary depending on models and are subject to change without notice.