Motient Announces Availability of the MobileModem for Palm V Series PDAs

Motient Announces Availability of the MobileModem for Palm V Series PDAs


Motient Corporation, the owner and operator of America’s largest two-way wireless data network, today announced the commercial availability of the MobileModem by MotientTM. The award-winning MobileModem liberates the estimated six million devoted Palm™ V/Vx series and IBM® WorkPad® c3 PC Companion users with the availability of always-on wireless email access directly to their handheld.

The MobileModem is a compact device that attaches to the Palm V series delivering instant wireless connectivity. This enables the Palm handheld user mobile access to their corporate or personal email, allowing them to read and respond to messages on a location-independent basis, from a conference room, to a taxicab, to an airport lounge. With the MobileModem, Palm handheld users are always connected.

“New definitions of ‘mobility’ and ‘mobile professional’ have entered the modern vernacular,” said Peter B. Belman, vice president of marketing and brand management for Motient. “Although traveling sales executives are required to stay connected, connectivity is just as important for the physician making rounds in a hospital or for managers attending meetings in an office building away from their desktop workstations. Email has become such an integral part of everyday life that almost everyone, from corporate workers to the home office part-timer needs to stay connected.”

For business users, the MobileModem effectively extends the real-time flow of information for millions of Palm handheld users and helps them increase productivity and exert more control over their business day. “With the MobileModem you can send and receive encrypted email, and soon the ability to access the mobile Internet and obtain a variety of enterprise applications all in the palm of your hand,” said Belman. Users of the MobileModem can be wirelessly connected to all of the popular messaging platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Novell Groupwise.

The MobileModem’s innovative features make it the perfect companion for both the consumer and business user. The modem is always ‘talking’ to the Motient network and will automatically ‘wake up’ the Palm with each incoming message. The MobileModem combines its advanced ‘always-on’ feature with another uniquely Motient innovation, the Smart-Sync cable that simultaneously recharges both the modem and the Palm handheld and also syncs the Palm handheld to the desktop PC. As a result of its sleek and lightweight design, the MobileModem adds only 5.5 ounces to the Palm device.

Belman cited that the timing of the MobileModem’s availability is especially appealing to today’s PDA user as evidenced by the results of the Fall 2001 Motient-commissioned research survey targeting more than 5,000 registered business and consumer PDA users across the United States.

“The survey results indicated that nearly two-thirds of the respondents rated the ability to have always-on wireless two-way email as first on their ‘wish list’ for future services or applications not currently offered on most handhelds,” he explained. “With the availability of the MobileModem, that wish is now a reality.”

The MobileModem is available online at at a special introductory price of $179, offered in conjunction with an annual airtime agreement for unlimited service at $49.95 per month. The MobileModem retails at $279. Motient also offers a “starter” airtime plan for $19.95 for 150 kilobytes per month. The starter plan has enough KB capacity for approximately 25 average length emails daily.