Fujitsu Unveils World’s Smallest Full-Featured Notebook


    Fujitsu Canada announced the release of the LifeBook P Series – named “Best Notebook” and overall “Best of Show” at COMDEX Fall 2001. Ideal for work and play, the LifeBook P Series is the world’s smallest and lightest two-spindle notebook. Weighing less than 3.5 pounds, the notebook can house either a modular DVD/CD-RW combo drive or a second battery for up to 14.5 hours¹ of battery life.

    With its ultra-compact form factor, high-performance processing power and entertainment functionality, the LifeBook P Series creates a mobile solution perfect for business professionals, commuters, students and technology enthusiasts. The integration of the modular DVD/CD-RW combo drive enhances the LifeBook P Series’ ability to function as a full-fledged multimedia solution. Users can burn CDs and watch DVDs virtually anywhere due to its compact form factor measuring 10.6 inches wide by 7 inches deep by 1.59 inches high.

    “The LifeBook P Series is the world’s smallest full-featured notebook weighing in at just under three and a half pounds,” said Tamara Keserovic, Fujitsu Canada’s marketing manager for notebook products. “Its multimedia features are astounding and include a modular DVD/CD-RW combo drive, as well as FireWire, and S-Video connectivity ports.

    Keserovic added, “Fujitsu is renowned for small form factor devices, and in this case doesn’t sacrifice screen viewing thanks to a 10.6-inch wide format SXGA TFT screen. Plus, with two high capacity batteries you’ll be watching many of your favourite DVD movies for up to 14.5 hours without AC power.”

    With its modular bay and standard battery installed, the notebook weighs approximately 3.4 pounds. End-users can further reduce their burden by utilizing the notebook’s weight-saver, bringing the weight down to 2.8 pounds. A second battery can be inserted into the bay to offer a full workday of battery powered computing productivity.

    The LifeBook P Series is also the first notebook offered by Fujitsu in the U.S. to feature the CrusoeTM processor from Transmeta Corporation (NASDAQ: TMTA). The notebook houses Transmeta’s 800MHz Crusoe TM5800 Series processor specifically designed to save energy while still providing full processing power in battery-mode. The notebook is powered by one main or high capacity main Lithium ion battery delivering up to 7 hours of battery life¹. Users requiring extended battery life can install an optional second bay battery for dual battery usage and increase the notebook’s computing time up to 14.5 hours¹.

    The two-spindle design features a 20GB hard drive², 128MB SDRAM³, ATI® RAGETM Mobility-M video controller with 4MB integrated video memory, and comes with an external USB floppy drive standard.

    The LifeBook P Series includes a 10.6-inch Wide SXGA TFT display providing a 15:9 aspect ratio for letterbox look and 5:1 surround sound quality via the bundling of Dolby HeadphoneTM software, further enhancing the computer’s entertainment value.

    Its unique blend of advanced entertainment features and prolonged battery life allows travelers to enjoy some of the longest DVD titles in one sitting. For those at work or at home, the LifeBook P Series can be connected to an external monitor using a mini VGA cable which comes standard.

    The LifeBook P Series is available with either Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Windows 2000 Professional pre-installed to provide users with a choice of operating systems that best fits their individual computing requirements. Microsoft’s XP Home Edition is scheduled to ship near the end of October.

    Connectivity for a notebook of this size is a priority. Therefore, the LifeBook P Series includes a built-in 56K4 V.90 modem and an integrated 10/100 base-Tx Ethernet standard to allow communications in any type of environment. Another part of the notebook’s standard configuration is an IEEE 1394 port for ultra-fast digital video and data transfer.

    Service and Support

    Fujitsu’s LifeBook P Series incorporates the Fujitsu Service Assistant, a Web-based diagnostic and resolution application. The Fujitsu Service Assistant provides support solutions to the most common problems that may be experienced with just a simple click of the mouse. The diagnostic program is designed to increase customer satisfaction by delivering faster, more effective service, thus avoiding user frustrations usually associated with slower, non-technology-based service programs.

    The LifeBook P Series is backed by a one-year International Limited Warranty for U.S. and Canadian customers. The warranty includes technical support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Availability and shipping

    The LifeBook P Series will be shipping in January with a suggested list price starting at $2,649 (CAN). All Fujitsu notebooks in Canada can be purchased through the company’s national network of resellers at