APRIVA Releases Apriva x57, An All-In-One Mobile Device – Providing Businesses With...

APRIVA Releases Apriva x57, An All-In-One Mobile Device – Providing Businesses With Unlimited Applications


APRIVA Inc., an innovator in wireless solutions for businesses, introduces the x57, an all-in-one mobile device for businesses, which includes a barcode scanner, magnetic card reader and Smart Card reader.

With the APRIVA x57, businesses can run nearly an unlimited number of wireless applications.

The APRIVA x57, which connects to the RIM 857 / 957 Wireless Handheld devices, can be customized to fit the business’s needs. The multi-use wireless handheld device, all-in-one unit, includes a magnetic card reader, Smart Card reader, barcode scanner (1D or 2D), and infrared (IrDA) port for printing receipts and reports.

If the business requires only a barcode scanner and magnetic card reader, the APRIVA x57 can be configured with only those two options.

“The APRIVA x57 is the perfect device for the wireless business world,” said Kevin Hickey, chief executive officer and president, APRIVA Inc. “Depending on the companies’ needs, they can conduct wireless credit card transactions, transmit barcodes or accept gift cards, among other applications, all with one device.”

“Perfect for service representatives repairing appliances in homes who want to both track inventory and accept credit card transactions, or for any business that can benefit with instant credit card transactions and inventory tracking, the APRIVA x57 can help businesses run better and more profitably,” Hickey added.

Features and capabilities of the APRIVA x57 include:

Magnetic Card Capabilities

— Lets merchants conduct credit card transactions virtually anywhere
— Reads credit cards, driver licenses and any other standard magnetic stripe card
— Supports APRIVA POS v1.5.5r

Bar Code Capabilities

— Scans most 1D and 2D barcodes
— Perfect for freight companies that need to track packages in real-time
— Instant barcode capture to wireless transmit to dispatch

Smart Card Capabilities

— Proprietary Smart Card technology
— Allows users to add Stored Value Cards and Gift Card payment options