Panasonic announces a TV that listens

Panasonic announces a TV that listens


Panasonic is to launch an HDTV (high definition TV) complete with voice-recognition.

The 36in Panasonic TH-36DH200 has a microphone built-in to the remote control, that allows the user to control the channel, recording and playback of the built-in video recorder, find program information and more. So instead of 71, there are only 14 buttons to deal with.

The digital video recorder has a 80Gb hard disk, offering seven hours of record/playback in high definition mode or 70 hours in standard analogue mode. The built-in Broadcast Satellite (BS) digital tuner brings interactivity and data services to the set. It also has an i-Link (IEEE1394) port for DV camcorders and the like, as well as a Secure Digital (SD) slot.