Clipp: The first Portable CD-R and MP3 Player

Clipp: The first Portable CD-R and MP3 Player


Clipp is the new and completely innovative CD-Recorder and MP3 player of Waitec, which establishes a new benchmark in portable products. Its slim-line and amazing dimensions (122 x 97 x 23) make Clipp a product unique in its market. Clipp is capable of both data storage and MP3 audio playback.

Its 8cm CD-R media allows Clipp compatible with the standard “Orange Book” and to all CD-Rs and traditional CD-ROM drives (except for the CD-Car audio), and to be compact while retaining a storage capacity of 185MB data. With Clipp it is possible to get an amazing 3 hours CD and 6 hours digital quality music. Clipp is able to read all the CD formats, and files audio MP3.

Using the Qsound MP3D Enhancement Suite and superior high quality audio technology, Clipp offers a substantially enhanced listening experience over existing MP3 players.
Its 4 minutes Buffer anti-shock allows you to listen to your music without any interruptions (typical of CD-ROM drives exposed to movement shocks), and because of its 10 hours of autonomy you can listen to your music both at home or while you are jogging as well.

Clipp is extremely easy to install, through its USB host interface there is no need to open the PC case, the customer has only to plug Clipp in. Clipp is the ideal companion for both laptop users as well as for PCs.
Clipp is compatible with iMac, Windows 98 and Windows 2000.