GPS Child Locator To Include Online Aerial Photos

GPS Child Locator To Include Online Aerial Photos


Parents concerned over the whereabouts of children can now get a bird’s-eye view of their exact location, according to GlobeXplorer, a provider of aerial imagery.

The images are included with the wristwatch-like GPS Personal Locator for Children developed by Wherify Wireless. Parents, can use the Internet or any phone to quickly identify their children’s whereabouts within several feet of their exact location. The location process typically takes less than a minute as parents log into or call the Wherify Location Service Center.

“Using GlobeXplorer’s aerial mapping service ensures that Wherify subscribers get more detailed and visual information than standard maps can provide,” said Timothy Neher, chairman and president of Wherify Wireless. “This can be crucial in locating a child in the event of an actual emergency.”

GlobeXplorer has created a proprietary technology to search, retrieve and deliver a requested photo from its library of millions of images within seconds.