New Harmony™ Universal Remote Links Home Entertainment to the Internet

New Harmony™ Universal Remote Links Home Entertainment to the Internet


The convergence of home entertainment and the Internet is closer to reality than ever with the November 2001 launch of the Harmony Internet Powered Universal Remote™ from Easy Zapper Inc. With the ability to control all home entertainment devices, the power of Harmony comes from its connectivity to the World Wide Web.

Developed in Canada, and with initial exclusive distribution at Holt Renfrew, the Harmony controls all home entertainment devices such as TV’s, VCR’s, DVD’s, CD’s, Radio and MP3’s, eliminating the need for multiple remotes cluttering your coffee table. But Harmony’s capabilities reach far beyond basic control of your equipment. The Harmony remote will:

Connect to the Internet via a standard USB port to download TV listings and CD song titles.
Interact with television programming by pressing Harmony’s “ZAP” button. When connected to the Internet, Harmony’s “zapped” programs are listed and the viewer can link to Web sites to learn more about the program, or to purchase goods and services. With this feature, you can buy a music video, link to new sports equipment or lift a recipe from your favorite cooking show.
“The Harmony remote is one of those products about which first time users say ‘I wish I had thought of this,’ said Geoff Lyon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Harmony. “This is not just an ‘all in one’ remote, it’s a television guide, an electronic bookmark of your favorite shows, and an interactive link of your home entertainment equipment to the World Wide Web,” he continued. “And while the Harmony remote is more powerful and flexible than any other comparable device, it is simple to use, and is very affordable.” Mr. Lyon concluded.

The Harmony is the only universal remote with Smart State Technology (SST)™. This allows the Harmony to command your entire entertainment system with just one touch. For example, when you select an activity (e.g. Watch a DVD), the SST instantaneously evaluates the current state of all your individual components and then sends the appropriate commands for perfect configuration. In other words, the Harmony remote will turn on your TV, DVD and Receiver, set their inputs, and even start the DVD. Now everyone can use their home entertainment system to its fullest.

“Among its many benefits,” explained Mr. Lyon, “the Harmony remote eliminates the need to channel surf while watching TV. TV listings are displayed on the Harmony remote’s LCD, allowing you to view all available programs at any given time” he said. “With capabilities like these, we expect this product can be to home entertainment what the mouse has been to personal computers.”

The Harmony remote is on sale in all Holt Renfrew stores across Canada and at starting November 2001. The retail price of $299 ($199US) includes the Harmony Remote, a computer interface cable (USB), an instruction manual and three AAA batteries.