Motorola Releases 2nd Generation Rugged TETRA Radio- MTM700

Motorola Releases 2nd Generation Rugged TETRA Radio- MTM700


Public safety officers across Europe are set to benefit from Motorola’s second generation TETRA (TErrestrial TRrunked Radio) radio. Following extensive global research into the requirements of front-line users in mission-critical and communication-vital environments, Motorola has developed the MTP and MTM700.

The rugged style portable MTP700 and its mobile counterpart, the MTM700 offer the following benefits:

Size and weight – the handset is roughly two thirds smaller than current handsets and weighs 30 per cent less

High performance battery life, in excess of 15 hours, which will exceed most users’ shift times

Next generation data functions

Comfortable and easy to use, with contour for good grip

John McConnell, Director Subscriber Group (EMEA) at Motorola, said: “There can be no compromise when it comes to the basics – these second generation TETRA radios are extremely robust and reliable, and have simple intuitive controls – rotary knobs, a dedicated emergency button and pre-programmable keys. Of course, we also offer our TETRA customers the extensive range of key attributes that they have come to expect, including; PMR, wireless telephony, data and encryption – all packed into a portable which is one third smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor.”

Motorola’s new mobile range also includes specialist motorcycle and data versions. Common software drives the features in both the MTM700 and the MTP700, hence the operation of both portable and mobile is practically identical. Furthermore, the latest micro-processor technology helps to guarantee that these radios can be upgraded as new features become available.

The launch of these radios is further evidence of Motorola’s ongoing commitment to its key customers. Not only is Motorola one of the driving forces behind the open-standard TETRA specification, it also offer an unrivalled breadth of portfolio, comprising infrastructure, portables and mobiles, data solutions and 3rd party applications from accredited application partners.