Digital Music Jukebox from E.Digital Holds Over 3000 Songs

Digital Music Jukebox from E.Digital Holds Over 3000 Songs


Music lovers everywhere have a new option for easily taking their entire music collection with them everywhere they go with the introduction of e.Digital Corporation’s (OTC: EDIG),TreóTM 10, a lightweight, pocket-sized digital music jukebox with the capacity to store approximately 200 CDs worth of music.

The Treó 10, one of the smallest digital jukeboxes available, offers superior sound quality and more than 150 hours of music storage. The Treó 10 effectively combines excellent audio quality with an easy to use interface, while providing access to large collections of music in a small, lightweight device. The jukebox is the second branded consumer offering from e.Digital, a global provider of comprehensive digital product development and designs.

“Music lovers can enjoy their entire music collection, from ABBA to Zeppelin, wherever they go with the Treó 10,” said Fred Falk, president and CEO of e.Digital. “The sound quality, storage capacity, and portability of the Treó 10 make it an appealing, affordable choice for consumers.”

Made in the U.S.A., the Treó 10 incorporates a 10 gigabyte (GB) embedded 2.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD). Based on e.Digital’s patented MicroOS 2.0TM operating system, the Treó 10 also uses Texas Instruments’ digital signal processor (DSP) and IBM’s Travelstar mobile drive. IBM’s Travelstar family of high-performance, high-capacity drives deliver superior capacity, performance and power efficiency for both traditional notebook and nontraditional applications, such as music players or other portable products.

“The IBM Travelstar hard drive has offered superior performance and reliability in notebook PC environments for many years, giving it a strong basis for excellence in the ‘beyond-PC’ markets including portable music players such as e.Digital’s new Treó 10,” said Michael Kuptz, mobile product line manager, IBM Storage Technology Division.

The Treó 10 features Smart Song SelectionTM, allowing users to quickly and easily manage and navigate music files even as they are listening to their favorite selections. At 9.9 ounces including the carrying case, the brushed-aluminum Treó 10 is lightweight and has a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display.

e.Digital’s MXPTM Music ExplorerTM software, shipped with the Treó 10, helps first-time users transfer and organize digital music and data files easily. MusicMatch Jukebox software is also included with the unit, making it easy for users to rip music files from their personal CD collection to their PC’s hard drive and then quickly and easily download them to the device. The Music Explorer and MusicMatch software package included with every player enables consumers to create MP3 and Windows MediaTM music files. The unit is also field upgradeable to support other popular formats and digital rights management systems as they become available.

The standard Treó 10 package retails at $249 through e.Digital’s online store, All Treó 10 packages include KossTM portable stereo earphones, an AC adaptor/charger, a mini USB interface cable, a carrying case, a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that provides an average of six hours of playback time per charge, and easy-to-use PC software. Consumers can purchase the Treó 10 as well as other digital music players, voice recorders, and accessories at the online store.