Senseboard Virtual Keyboard

Senseboard Virtual Keyboard


Senseboard Virtual Keyboard (VK) is an exciting new product, designed for the millions of mobile computer users, struggling with their tiny or nonexistent keyboards when trying to communicate or type.

Senseboard VK is perfect for businessmen typing e-mails and other documents away from the office. The technology is completely silent allowing e.g. journalists typing articles during a press conference or an interview. The typing speed matches that of standard keyboards allowing quick chatting away from the desktop.

Senseboard VK is typically used together with a PDA, a Smart Phone or a Wearable Computer with a Head Mounted Display. The VK hand mounted devices allow the user to type on any surface as if it were a keyboard. Sensors in the units measure the finger movements and artificial intelligence and a language processor determine appropriate keystrokes or mouse movements.

Senseboard VK communicates by radio or wire with the PDA, Smart Phone or Wearable Computer.