The First Ready-for-Delivery 16-Million-Pixel Back

The First Ready-for-Delivery 16-Million-Pixel Back


Sinar expands the successful line of Sinarback digital backs with the new flagship Sinarback 44. With a resolution of 16 million pixels and thanks to active sensor cooling, patented double piezo plate for 1-, 4- and 16-shot exposures and Hardware Anti-Moiré, the Sinarback 44 pro-duces the best possible image data. In combination with the professional Sinar view format cameras and an unexcelled variety of adapters for medium format cameras, Sinar thus offers an optimal solution for all types of applications that is at the same time flexible, adaptable and expandable.

Sinar, the worldwide leader in the manufacture of digital and analog high-end camera sys-tems, introduces a new milestone in digital imaging technology: the Sinarback 44. It is the first actively cooled digital back in the world with a resolution of 16 million pixels that not only features the 1-shot mode for action photography, but also a 4-shot mode that is free of inter-polation and that is optimized for still-life photography, as well as a high-resolution 16-shot (Microscan) mode. The Sinarback 44 is available right now for immediate delivery from the Sinar representatives in the respective countries.

Sinar offered the latest in technology with the Sinarback 22 and the Sinarback 23 with resolu-tions of 4 and 6 million pixels respectively (they continue to be available), and now Sinar is once again at the forefront of technology with the new Sinarback 44. Thanks to active thermo-electric cooling of the sensor, the new Sinarback 44 also delivers a maximal contrast range and a color depth of 42 Bit (RGB). With the expansion of the Sinarback line of digital backs by the new Sinarback 44, Sinar offers photographers the optimal instrument for every photographic task.

The award-winning color quality of the Sinar CaptureShopx exposure software delivers op-timal results, even with critical color tones. With the optional CeMagYK software, photogra-phers can take excellent advantage of all the possibilities for a continuous workflow that is optimally tailored to the printing press.

The Optimal Technology for Every Photographic Task
The Sinarback 44 offers the possibility of using the 1-shot mode for action shots. Its resolu-tion of 16 million pixels ensures images with great detail fidelity, while the exclusive Hardware Anti-Moiré System developed by Sinar prevents possible moiré patterns already at the expo-sure stage. That eliminates enormous retouching costs, especially in fashion photography. For complex tabletop photographs, the patented, extremely precisely stepped double piezo plate produces image data that is clearly superior to that of a professional drum scan of a large format transparency in terms of sharpness, contrast and color fidelity. The complete color information delivered in the 4-shot mode for every one of the 16 million pixels eliminates the need for contrast-reducing color interpolation that is also susceptible to artifacts and to moiré patterns. This is a significant advantage, depending on the subject, in comparison to systems that only have 1-shot capability.

The extensive Sinar system delivers digital photographs with hitherto unattained quality: The Sinar p2 large format camera with wobble-free and self-locking fine drives is the solid plat-form for multi-shot exposures. Micrometer adjustments provide creative photographers with entirely new possibilities of guiding viewersx eyes by means of the deliberate use of sharp-ness and unsharpness. The clear, live focusing image of the Sinarback is an indispensable tool for the immediate evaluation of the pixel-accurate settings directly on the large-format imaging sensor. Sinaron Digital Lenses not only offer large adjustment capabilities, they also guarantee a resolution that is tailored to the sensor for photographs that are rich in contrast and razor-sharp, without color fringes. The Sinarcam transforms every Sinar camera into a completely computer-controlled camera. Used as a stand-alone camera, the Sinarcam can be used with more than 300 different lenses from various medium-format and 35 mm camera manufacturers, thus setting no limits to creative demands, for instance in digital wide-angle photography.