Electric Fuel Announces INSTANT POWER Batteries for Digital Cameras

Electric Fuel Announces INSTANT POWER Batteries for Digital Cameras


Electric Fuel Corporation announced today that it has introduced a line of long-lasting, ready-to-use batteries for popular models of digital cameras under its INSTANT POWER™ brand name. The new batteries will last up to 12 hours and allow users to take up to 4,000 digital photos without changing or recharging the power source, providing capacity that is three to five times greater than that available with the other power options currently on the market.

The INSTANT POWER digital camera battery instantly puts photographers back into action when their on-board digital camera batteries die, as well as permitting photo sessions to last hours longer than usual. Both capabilities ensure that users do not miss important photo opportunities because of battery problems. Instead of waiting for rechargeable batteries to complete a charging cycle, or turning to non-rechargeables that will give them as little as an hour of operation, users will be able to plug in an INSTANT POWER battery and keep shooting — without missing a frame. This will eliminate the need to charge when it is inconvenient or impossible, or to repeatedly change batteries while on vacation.

The new digital camera batteries, as well as the camcorder batteries announced earlier this week, expand the Company’s INSTANT POWER family of batteries and chargers for cellphones and PDAs. The 3300 mAh digital camera batteries utilize the same zinc-air fuel cell technology as the rest of the INSTANT POWER line of products and deliver fully charged batteries right out of the package.

The batteries are connected through the digital camera’s DC jack. They come with a built-in belt clip for easy carrying and, once depleted, can be safely disposed of like any ordinary alkaline battery. The first models, which are already available on the Company’s web site (http://www.electric-fuel.com), and will be available in retail stores for the holiday season, support digital cameras produced by Sony and Nikon. Later models will support other manufacturers’ products.

Yehuda Harats, Electric Fuel President and CEO, said, “This is yet another innovation in our growing family of consumer products, and follows the announcement of our batteries for camcorders. We are constantly searching for new ways in which to exploit the proven zinc-air technology we use in our other INSTANT POWER products. We are discovering that the new generation of high-drain devices offers a perfect opportunity to leverage this technology. With these new INSTANT POWER batteries, we can offer consumers the peace of mind of knowing that they can keep on shooting even if their digital camera batteries run out of power.”

The new INSTANT POWER digital camera batteries will have an MSRP of $14.95 to $24.95, depending on the model, and come in a reclosable foil pouch that allows the user to extend the life of the battery after initial use.