Sony Announces GPS Module in Japan

Sony Announces GPS Module in Japan


Almost lost in yesterday’s hubbub over the T600C was Sony’s announcement of a GPS Memory Stick module. In order to save space it has a folding antenna. It will work with the new T series and the N series, not the S series. The PEGA-MSG1 will be available in Japan on December 8 for 20,000 Yen, or $165. According to a Sony spokesperson, the company isn’t willing to say when or even if this module will be available in the U.S.

It gets its power from the handheld. The T series can run it for approximately 50 minutes while the N series can keep it running for 75 minutes.
It comes with Navin’ You Pocket 2.0, which is mapping software for Japan.

Sony has been showing off prototypes of Memory Stick input/output modules for months. The digital camera Memory Stick is now available for $150 from Sony’s webstore. Last summer, they showed off a Bluetooth one but no release date for that is available.