New Cybiko Extreme Wireless Handheld Computer Platform

New Cybiko Extreme Wireless Handheld Computer Platform


Cybiko, Inc., a leading developer of handheld electronic devices for the youth market with funding from AOL Time Warner, is launching a second platform to its popular wireless handheld computer offerings. Cybiko XtremeTM, the company’s second generation wireless handheld computer for teens, features a faster processor enabling real-time multi-player wireless game playing, an upgraded operating system with entertainment software and MXDTM capabilities all in a compact, sleek stylized design.

Like the popular original Cybiko Classic handheld computer, Cybiko XtremeTM offers wireless chat, interactive multi-player game playing and practical applications such as an organizer, and scientific calculator.

In an effort to empower teens to fully customize their Cybiko XtremeTM handheld computers, it comes with an installation cd-rom that provide the user with additional applications and games to personalize their handheld.

“In response to the overwhelmingly positive reactions from teens and tweens to our first generation handheld computer, we created Cybiko XtremeTM,” said Donald Wisniewski, President, Cybiko, Inc. “Our new platform takes everything we know about wireless games and entertainment to the extreme. Our real-time game playing protocol creates the ideal condition for instant, interactive play – and we’re among the first to do it wirelessly. Plus, our new CyOS 1.5 software goes beyond games and offers teens entertainment, including still motion music video capabilities with our MXDTM video technology. These exciting new features, coupled with a bold new design and functionality, make our new Cybiko XtremeTM the ultimate wireless computer for teens,” he added.

Cybiko XtremeTM is nearly 50 percent thinner and 30 percent smaller than the original Cybiko handheld computer, making it more compact. Cybiko XtremeTM offers twice the processing power and more than doubles the memory capacity with 2.5 MB on board. Cybiko XtremeTM weighs a mere .38 pounds and measures 5.6 x 3.2 x .07 inches. It’s redesigned, optimized, pager-sized QWERTY keyboard improves user interactivity and enables enhanced game control.
The new CyOS 1.5 operating system features mini icons that list all applications on the desktop at the same time, simplifying and speeding navigation.

Cybiko XtremeTM has Walkie-talkie and voice recorder capabilities that allow teens to verbally communicate to single users and and/or broadcast to several users at the same time within range.

Real-Time Wireless Game Playing

Cybiko XtremeTM includes real-time wireless multi-player game playing with an intensive new platform. The new protocol eliminates high frequency noise from the Cybiko wireless network, enabling instant multi-player action. The company continues to provide games and content for downloading at©.
“Our games continue to be one of the top reasons why teens love Cybiko.

We realized there was a need to create a faster, easier navigation network to give our players uninterrupted, competitive play that maximizes the experience – that’s what computer games are all about – non-stop fast action and real-time command response,” stated Wisniewski. “By enhancing the wireless multi-player game playing experience with our real-time wireless network, we deliver the most exciting play imaginable.”

New Games That Play In Real-Time
In Fall 2001, Cybiko is introducing new wireless games with real-time game playing protocol for the Cybiko XtremeTM platform. The games can be played individually or wirelessly with multiple players within range. Users can also share the games ith other Cybiko users by transmitting the games wirelessly from one device to another:
Blazing Boards II – The ultimate wireless multi-player real time skateboarding game. Due to strong user response to Blazing Boards, which was part of Cybiko’s popular promotion with skateboard legend Tony Hawk, Cybiko is introducing Blazing Boards II, which offers real time exciting skateboard racing action between two gamers.

Cybiko XtremeTM Features

Cybiko XtremeTM allows teens to create their very own local wireless micro-web community. They can communicate instantly with one friend or hundreds of users, within a radius of 150 to 300 feet, depending on the environment, and potentially – much farther as multiple devices link and expand the range. Users can set up their own personal profile, where they can store information about themselves and friends. Cybiko Classic and Cybiko XtremeTM handheld computers alert users when friends are within range with a vibrating signal and allow them to browse the virtual network to connect with everyone in the area.
In addition, Cybiko computers can be synchronized with a PC to send and receive emails to anyone on the Internet.
The new operating system, CyOS 1.5, is designed with high frequency sensing algorithms that eliminate interference, permitting digital wireless “swarm” networks to be formed with up to 3,000 users at one time. “Swarm” networks with a true peer-to-peer structure allow users to network with their immediate environment – such as talking to friends in restaurants, as well as interacting with a local free Internet access point and sharing files. Because this type of architecture requires only one connection to the network, “swarms” are the ideal networking protocol and Cybiko, Inc. continues as a leader in peer-to-peer swarm network development.
Cybiko XtremeTM utilizes a USB port for optimal downloading speed of content.
The expansion port, located on the back of the computer, allows for multiple accessories to be inserted and stacked, which will enhance the multi-functional capabilities.

Cybiko XtremeTM Accessories
The Cybiko XtremeTM experience will be further enhanced by its accessories, faceplates and carrying cases available in multiple colors and designs.
Cybiko XtremeTM will also offer an MP3 player cartridge and more, all designed and distributed by the company.

Availability And Retail Price
Cybiko XtremeTM is available now for a suggested retail price of $139.99 at retail outlets across the country. It will also be available online at©.