iScan Mobile Barcode Scanner

iScan Mobile Barcode Scanner


The iScan barcode scanner attaches to an Ericsson cellular handset. Use it for mobile data acquisition and retrieval. The device communicates directly with the handset via the accessory menu. This facilitates the creation of a custom menu substructure within the handset. Specific application menus can now be created using the iScan Application Designer.

The iScan barcode scanner is powered by the handset battery.

Applications can be configured in numerous ways to provide unique phone menus. Barcodes and keypress data can be transmitted or stored on the device. This data is securely stored in nonvolatile memory. Should the device lose power at any stage, the scanned barcodes are not lost.

The iScan barcode scanner does not interfere with the normal operation of the handset i.e. calls can be made and received, “hands free” can be used, the battery can be charged and standard handset menus can be accessed.