Copytalk named “Best of the Best” at DEMOmobile

Copytalk named “Best of the Best” at DEMOmobile


Copytalk announced today that its CEO, Norman Worthington, and VP, Marketing, Robert Lincoln, were named “DEMO Gods” at the close of the prestigious DEMOmobile 2001 conference last Friday. The two launched the company and its new services, also called Copytalk, at a live session on Thursday.

During the demonstration, the two showed how Copytalk turns simple phone calls into emails and other business information. A member of the audience was brought on stage and dictated a short email to DEMOmobile executive producer Chris Shipley, which she retrieved and read at the end of the five-minute demonstration. In addition, Worthington and Lincoln showed how contacts, to-dos and other business information could be dictated over the phone and retrieved to a PDA.

The demonstration was enthusiastically received by the audience and the press. Copytalk “worked miraculously well” according to Wired News correspondent David Horrigan, while M-Business editor Galen Gruman noted that “Copytalk’s service gained strong audience approval for its dictation-oriented approach.”

The DEMO God™ awards are given to those demonstrators who show great products in a compelling way. “We gave Copytalk the DEMO God Award ‘for bravery in the face of new technology and a random volunteer,'” said Shipley. “They not only demonstrated the power of the service, but did it in a way that was very entertaining.”

CEO Worthington was gratified by the award. “We were confident that Copytalk’s unique ability to create email and PDA entries from phone calls would be a hit, but to get this kind of acknowledgement made the show an achievement as well as a success.” Added Lincoln, “Being selected to appear at DEMOmobile is an honor itself, so winning a DEMO God award does mean being recognized as ‘the best of the best’.”

About Copytalk

Copytalk gives successful mobile executives the power to send email and manage their daily work with a simple phone call. Copytalk takes natural dictation and sends emails as though they were created on the subscriber’s desktop and puts appointments, contacts, to-dos, and expense items into a PDA as though they were entered by hand. A private, founder-funded company, Copytalk is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.