Sony Exhibits Prototype Wristwatch Video Camera

Sony Exhibits Prototype Wristwatch Video Camera


Sony Corp. exhibited a pilot version of a wristwatch video camera, “Two-way Wrist Communicator” at the Comdex Fall 2001 Exhibition.

The exhibition was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kunitake Ando, president and COO of Sony, also introduced the wristwatch video camera in his keynote speech at Comdex on Nov. 12.

The video camera is built in with a module for Bluetooth, and can transmit moving images to PCs and to other wristwatches in real time. It can send real-time video images taken from the camera on the wristwatch between two of those pilot-type wristwatches.

The wristwatch has a small-sized video camera that rotates in the vertical direction, a color display that shows video images, and a microphone. It weighs 137g.

The device is still in an experimental stage. According to Sony, manufacturing of the device for the commercial market has yet to be decided upon.