Z1 Miniature Radio

Z1 Miniature Radio


Billed as the world’s smallest radio, the Z1 is a cracking piece of engineering and design. It may only be an AM radio, but it’s great for surreptitiously keeping abreast of sports results and news bulletins when stuck in dull meetings.

Never miss the footie again – just because you’ve been dragged to the most mind-numbing party on the planet, it doesn’t mean you can’t carry on listening to the radio. It only weighs half an ounce, fits neatly into your ear, and apparently gets all AM stations (depending on your location presumably) including Radio 5 Live, Radio 4, Talk Radio, Virgin, World Service and all local stations.

Because it’s AM only, the signal isn’t exactly amazing, but it’s so neat and so in your head, we think it’s a blast…


– world’s smallest radio
– fits snugly in your ear
– AM frequency range 530-1600
– 3 aerials, integrated, rod and wire
– battery included
– 40 hours playing time per batt.
– keyring carrying case (7cm long x 3cm diameter)
– radio’s largest dimension 3cm (aerial 5cm fully extended)