Concept product represents major breakthrough for digital cameras

Concept product represents major breakthrough for digital cameras


Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL) has unveiled its latest concept product – a next generation digital camera called ‘SEE’. Designed by CCL’s in house Product Definition team, SEE has the potential to revitalise the static digital camera market by offering a camera which needs no memory to store images.

Because it ‘writes’ direct to the Internet, either directly to a remote server or via a bluetooth connection to a mobile, SEE offers infinite capacity and real time applications. SEE incorporates both video and stills options for the user and as the camera is UMTS enabled, images stored on a server can be accessed anytime,anywhere.

Features on the palm size SEE include: a viewfinder with miniature LCD screen, a touch screen displaying the viewed image which can be edited using an integral ‘pen’. For example, messages can be written on the image, or particular area highlighted.

“The limits on file size and battery life can compromise the potential of digital cameras,” says Donna Wilson, Group Leader with CCL’s Product Definition team, who adds: “SEE has overcome both these problems by offering limitless capacity and ample battery life which will allow for around one hundred stills or half an hour of video.”

An attractive ergonomic design was also an important element in the development of SEE, as Donna Wilson explains: “SEE is aimed at image and style conscious individuals, people for whom technical innovation and design integrity go hand in hand.”

At the heart of SEE lies VideoCore, a flexible, low power chip developed by Alphamosaic, a recent spin out company from CCL. The VideoCore chip is designed to capitalise on the worldwide potential for full motion video in mobile devices.

SEE is the latest example of a pipeline of products designed in-house at CCL. A previous concept product, the e-mail pen has been selected by the British Design Council to appear at its Great Expectations exhibition which celebrates British Design to be held in New York, 14-28 October this year.