[email protected] Unveils a New Family of Portable Smart Storage Devices

[email protected] Unveils a New Family of Portable Smart Storage Devices


[email protected], developer of the award-winning Digital Wallet device, announced today that it will expand its product line by introducing a family of storage devices. Understanding the growing market demand for portable smart storage, the Digital Wallet is now available for consumers with three capacities of storage, three, ten and twenty gigabytes (MSRP of $349.00, $449.00 and $549.00 respectively) at more than 400 retail and camera specialty store locations throughout North America including CompUSA, Micro Center, Future Shop, B&H Photo, Henryxs and online at www.mindsgear.com.

“With our Digital Wallet product, we created an entirely new xPortable Smart Storage (PSS) device that is truly portable—a smart, self-powered device that works independently of a computer. As our Digital Wallet continues to play a significant role in the increasing demand for storage space, we are opening new markets by offering our customers the flexibility to choose a capacity that fits their specific storage needs,x said Marc Ganouna, president and CEO of [email protected]

The Digital Wallet, previously only available with 6GB of storage space, now provides consumers with a choice of 3GB, 10GB or 20GB. Depending on individual storage applications and needs, the 20GB Digital Wallet stores more than 20,000 high-resolution photos or 366-plus hours of digital audio, providing a viable solution for professional photographers and consumers. Business travelers, who require storage and transportability options for large textual and graphic rich files, will find that the 10GB Digital Wallet provides sufficient storage space.

While the 3GB Digital Wallet is ideal for students or travelers needing storage for homework and vacation photos. As the frontrunner in the digital storage industry, [email protected] equips the hand-held portable storage devices with a Motorola ColdFirex microprocessor, a 2.5x hard drive and a rechargeable battery system. The Digital Wallet family, compatible with Windows® 98/2000/ME, Mac and Linux OS, supports a variety of FLASH cards and memory sticks and is poised to redefine how storage space is managed and utilized.

The Digital Wallet product has been recognized for its design and technical excellence as the winner of Popular Mechanics 2000 Editorxs Choice Award for xNew Product Design and Innovationx and for the 2001 Photo Marketing Association award for xInnovative Digital Productx.