Fujifilm Announces Breakthrough in Magnetic Recording Media – 3GB Floppy Disks

Fujifilm Announces Breakthrough in Magnetic Recording Media – 3GB Floppy Disks


New Coating Technology Has One-Tenth Thickness of Current Magnetic Layers With More than 10 Times Greater Recording Densities – Achieving 1TB Data Storage and 3GB Magnetic Disks.

Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. has announced a significant breakthrough in magnetic recording media technology that will exponentially increase the capacity of magnetic media. NANO CUBIC technology is an ultra-thin layer coating that results in higher resolution for recording digital data, ultra-low noise and high signal-to-noise ratios that are ideal for magneto-resistive (MR) heads. It is capable of catapulting data cartridge to one-terabyte native (uncompressed) capacities and floppy disk capacities to three gigabytes.

To help visualise the potential, over 700,000 floppy disks or 13 DLT™ IV tapes would be required to store 1TB of data. Fujifilm is already beginning to work with drive manufacturers to develop new, high capacity magnetic storage products using NANO CUBIC technology.

In 1992 Fujifilm developed its ATOMM technology (an acronym for Advanced super Thin layer and high Output Metal Media) for digital recording providing increased storage capacity, performance and reliability. Products utilising ATOMM technology include DLTtape™ (the world’s first tape with a capacity as large as 40GB), DDS3 (12GB tape), DDS4 (20GB tape), 100GB LTO Ultrium1 cartridge, ZIP™100 (100MB disk), and ZIP™250 (250MB disk).

Over the past ten years, Fujifilm has taken a leading role in achieving high capacity and density in the data media industry. Today, DLTtape™ IV is the de facto standard for the mid-range back-up tape segment and ATOMM enabled Fujifilm to be the first media manufacturer to deliver LTO Ultrium™ 1 data cartridges to market.

Utilising the NANO3 (NANO CUBIC) technology as the basis of its next-generation data media production technology, Fujifilm has succeeded in prototyping a high-resolution, low-noise ultra-thin magnetic layer media coating taking advantage of new dispersion technology

NANO CUBIC technology consists of:

Coating technology: NANO CUBIC technology employs an advanced precision coating process that can control the thickness of the magnetic layer on a nanometer scale.

Particle technology: Two types of magnetic particles were developed for NANO CUBIC technology, both tens of nanometers in size: acicular ferromagnetic alloy particle and tabular ferromagnetic hexagonal barium ferrite particle.

Dispersion technology: NANO CUBIC technology uses a special organic binder material that has the ability to thoroughly disperse the particles in the coating solution so that a uniformly packed structure of the layer is realized.

Applications in development include: magnetic storage tape, both for helical scan and linear recording formats; high-capacity floppy disks; high-definition, long-duration digital video tape for broadcast and home use; and data and video storage tape. High-end tape storage products for enterprise applications are also possible with NANO CUBIC technology.

“The extraordinary capacities and levels of performance that can be achieved through the breakthrough in NANO CUBIC technology, comes at a time when the corporate demand for data storage solutions seems insatiable,” said Roger Moore, Strategic Business Manager, Fuji Photo Film (UK) Ltd. “NANO CUBIC technology will lead to products that do meet this demand and ensure Fujifilm’s continued growth and leadership in the data storage media business.”