Sharp Expands its PDA Application Development Enviroment with a Linux and Java...

Sharp Expands its PDA Application Development Enviroment with a Linux and Java Based Software Platform


Sharp Electronics Corporation today announced the expansion of its application development environment for PDA’s. “By expanding the PDA’s environment to both Linux® and Java™ , programmers will have the flexibility of application development in either environment.” said Steve Petix, associate vice president, Mobile & IT Solutions Group. “This expansion will also reach a larger audience of developers increasing the spectrum of applications for Sharp’s PDAs.”

Sharp’s PDA uses Lineo®’s Embedix™ Plus, which is provided by Lineo, Inc., a leading innovator of embedded operating systems and host development environments and the developer of Embedix. Lineo’s Embedix Plus is a complete PDA software solution with GUI framework, Web browser, Java capabilities and a full suite of PDA applications.

The Embedix Plus PDA includes Lineo’s Embedix which is the Linux kernel configured for embedded devices, Trolltech’s Qt/Embedded™ GUI application framework, Insignia Solutions Jeode™ PDA Edition, and Opera Software ASA’s Opera 5 for Linux Web browser. Also included in this partnership is Qt Palmtop from Trolltech, an application environment for embedded Linux-based devices.

“Sharp is excited to provide this powerful Linux/Java Platform by working with Lineo, a leading embedded systems provider in this market,” according to Petix. “This relationship brings together the strengths of Lineo, Trolltech, Insignia and Opera Software, the leading developers in Linux and Java-based software, to deliver powerful, application-rich solutions for Sharp’s new PDA products.

“Lineo welcomes the opportunity to work with a global electronics powerhouse like Sharp,” said Bryan Sparks, Lineo CEO and chairman. “Together we are producing the next-generation PDA to revolutionize the smart handheld devices market. Application developers and any users will benefit from a full featured PDA running an open standards software platform.”

Trolltech’s Qt/Embedded is a C++ GUI application framework for creating stunning applications for embedded systems. Qt/Embedded combines small size, rich functionality, and the ability to build code in familiar environments to allow programmers to quickly create solutions for embedded systems. Qt Palmtop is an application environment that includes applications for business, entertainment personal information management.

The SL-5000D includes Opera’s browser from Opera Software, that has features to meet emerging needs for web-based business solutions as well as features fast web based browsing for handheld devices.

Jeode ™ PDA Edition in the SL-5000D incorporates the Jeode EVM™ runtime engine, a “Sun Authorized Virtual Machine” compatible with the PersonalJava™ 1.2 specification. It delivers accelerated performance and efficient memory utilization through Insignia’s patent-pending dynamic adaptive compilation (DAC™) and precise concurrent garbage collection technologies.

Sharp is also working with other PersonalJava™ runtime environment such as intent® by Tao Group Ltd. to support various customer Java requirements.

Sharp Electronics Corporation will start accepting pre-orders* on November 5th, for those who have registered on the Sharp Linux/Java PDA developer website