World’s Smallest Portable, Easy-To-Use Digital Still Camera with LCD

World’s Smallest Portable, Easy-To-Use Digital Still Camera with LCD


This non-professional pocket-sized camera, which will retail at the very affordable price of £159.99, offers the latest in multi-functional hi-tech digital photography, and yet, is incredibly easy to use.

It can simply be used as a digital still camera to take pictures for non-professional use, alternatively, it can be used as a PC-compatible camera with it’s own PC software package and Internet access. The camera’s added extras are endless. It stores 127 digital still images, it changes from normal to macro lens setting at the flick of a switch; it allows you to download digital images on to your PC; and you can even use it as a PC webcam. What’s more, it only requires two double AA batteries!

In addition, you can even film video footage (in the webcam mode) that can then be emailed as an executable file. If that’s not enough, try hooking up the camera to your TV, and suddenly you have a nifty indoor camcorder that enables the user to film via the TV monitor, and download the footage directly on to VHS tape.

Whether you’re on the look-out for a fun and affordable compact digital still camera, a webcam fan, PC photo enthusiast or camcorder, if you’re seeking the ultimate in portability and flexibility, the KIIRO Pocket Camera CJ-100 is for you. The affordable price of £159.99 is destined to make this camera a popular gadget for the digital generation.

Unique Features and benefits:

. Smallest hand-held digital still camera available
· Web capabilities (webcam, email files, store image on PC)
· Portability – easy to carry in front pocket
· Dual Mode – digital camera outdoor, PC camera indoor
· Connection to PC and TV allows viewing and editing
· USB Port allows direct connection to PC
· Video Jack allows connection to TV
· Via TV record motion video on a VHS tape
· LCD Display – more convenient to take pictures
· Moveable Head (up/down) enables photos to be taken more conveniently
· Easy to use (hardly any buttons on the camera)
· Adjustable lens (normal and macro)
· Flash memory – saved pictures will remain when batteries run out


· CCD Sensor.
· Interface: USB Port-PC, TV cable-Composite RCA video input on TV.
· Resolution: 350,000 Pixels.
· Frame Rate: VGA – 15 frame/sec, CIF – 30 Frames/sec
· Flash Memory: 8M
· TFT LCD Display.
· On Screen Display.
· Max size of image (640 x 480)
· Normal Quality: 120
· High Quality: 50
· Physical Size (mm) : 35(W) x 134(L) x 20(H)
· Batteries: 2 x AA

· Processor: Pentium 233Mhz or better (MMX recommended)
· OS: Window 95, 98, 2000
· Resolution: 800 x 600(1024 x 768 recommended)
· Hard Disk: 100M(1GB recommended)
· Network: 56kbps or better
· Cable Port: USB Port
· Memory: 32M(64M recommended)