Siemens and Macromedia Bring Macromedia Flash to Siemens SIMpad Users

Siemens and Macromedia Bring Macromedia Flash to Siemens SIMpad Users


Macromedia, Inc. and Siemens today announced their partnership to bring Macromedia Flash(TM) Player support to the Microsoft Windows CE-based Siemens SIMpad. The SIMpad is a mobile information and communication terminal designed for industrial use, with the easy-to-use touch screen and virtual keyboard which offers Internet browsing at any time without a wired connection.

“Siemens is excited to bring interactive Macromedia Flash technology to our mobile customers,” said Klaus Karl, director information appliances from Siemans. “Our goal is to deliver the same experience that people are accustomed to on their desktop to the SIMpad product line. By supporting Macromedia Flash, we can also tap into a large number of developers who can create useful business applications and intuitive, branded user interfaces for our product.”

“Macromedia and device leaders like Siemens share a common vision of next generation applications for devices. Going forward, users will be able to take advantage of mobile business applications on devices, such as manufacturing and supply chain applications, as well as get information from wherever they might be using the Siemens industrial SIMpad,” said Peter Goldie, general manager, Macromedia. “Macromedia and Siemens are committed to delivering a compelling user experience on any device.”

Siemens will benefit from an agreement between Macromedia and Microsoft to help Windows CE OEMs bring Macromedia Flash content to the broad range of Windows Powered devices. The companies are ensuring the community of more than one million Macromedia Flash developers create content and applications that will run consistently across Microsoft desktop and device platforms.