NEC Exhibits Design Models for Entertainment-Oriented Mobile Terminals

NEC Exhibits Design Models for Entertainment-Oriented Mobile Terminals


NEC Corp. announced design models for its future mobile terminals and other products.

The models were showcased at the exhibition dubbed “[email protected]” sponsored by Tokyo Design Network (TDN) , a cross-company designer organization of the three companies — NEC, Canon Inc. and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

In addition to this, NEC introduces such entertainment-oriented communication tools as a mobile video phone and a network player that also works as a mobile phone.

The mobile phone “palette” (photo) has been developed on the assumption that it will be put on the market in three to five years. It is a folding type that is equipped with a liquid-crystal display and a camera on the upper part when the main body is open like a clam shell. At the lower part it is equipped with touch-panel LCD operator buttons (three down and four across totaling 12 buttons). Each button is a display, and it changes what’s showing on it depending on the functions users want to use. Normally, it displays the “menu” items such as an address book, phone, mail, camera and others. When you press the button you want to use, the display of all buttons switches to the entered menu. For example, when you use the address book, the display of all buttons turns out to be the face photos of friends and related information that is registered in the address book. And one can call any of them when pressing either one of the face photo buttons. NEC says that during the call one can play with the button by changing the background wallpaper of the called party who is displayed in the LCD and morphing that person’s face. The palette is capable of sending images that are taken by the attached camera with a mail.

The network music player named “vial” that works as a mobile phone consists of two parts. One is a pen as a operation tool and main body and the other a folding-type LCD. The data communications between the main body and the display part is performed via Bluetooth. NEC says that to make a call, the customer merely uses the pen to draw on the palm or in the air the phone number to be called, which automatically enters it into the main body. The pen-shaped main body has an earphone that enables the user to make a phone call without using the display part. The LCD display part could show text either vertically or horizontally.