Socket Launches Low Power Wireless LAN CompactFlash Card

Socket Launches Low Power Wireless LAN CompactFlash Card


Socket Communications, Inc., the leading provider of connection products for Pocket PC-based handheld computers and other mobile devices, today announced the launch of its Low Power Wireless LAN CompactFlash (CF) Card, which enables wireless local area network access.

The Low Power Wireless LAN Card reinforces Socket’s commitment to provide energy-efficient products to its customers. Through advanced power and battery management features, Socket’s Wireless LAN card extends the battery life of handheld devices, enabling mobile users to remain productive throughout the day.

Corporate employees no longer need to be tethered to a desktop PC to access the Internet, send and receive email, send instant messages or access database information and other network services. While in range of an 802.11b access point, mobile employees can remain connected in a conference room or training facility, in a co-workers office, or even in an outdoor courtyard. Mobile users can enjoy the same fast Internet connection through public access points, located at hotels, airports, libraries or a favorite coffee shop.

Wireless LAN Product Manager, Jack Brandon, notes, “An increasing majority of corporate America are mobile professionals. We spend a great deal of our workday away from our desktop PCs, but still need access to data and network services. 802.11b wireless technology provides the connectivity mobile employees need to send email and instant messages, and access data or the Internet while away from their desks. Socket’s Wireless LAN card provides corporate employees and mobile users a compact, easy-to-use method to leverage wireless access to LAN networks.”

“Pocket PC 2002 delivers enhanced features to corporate customers such as increased security, virtual private networking, and Windows Terminal Server,” said Ed Suwanjindar, product manager for the Mobility Division at Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased Socket is taking advantage of this to produce its Low Power Wireless LAN card enables Pocket PC that will enable users to utilize corporate 802.11b infrastructure and wirelessly access important data and services critical to them.”