Aiwa Launches IC Recorder with Digital Camera Function

Aiwa Launches IC Recorder with Digital Camera Function


Aiwa Co., Ltd. has become the first Japanese maker to introduce an IC recorder with digital camera, the IC-DP200.

Aiwa designed a fully digital device incorporating two handy products – an IC recorder and digital camera – in one compact unit. With the IC-DP200, users can record images as well as voice/sound. Both the sound and images are stored as digital data. These data can be easily edited on a PC with a USB connection to one’s computer. The IC-DP200 is thus an extremely convenient IC recorder for people requiring an accurate record of a business trip, interview, exhibition, lecture, and so on, using the digital sound and images. Aiwa targets business users in their 20s to 40s as main purchasers of the IC-DP200.

The IC-DP200 offers an impressive range of features: maximum of 260 minutes of digital sound recording or maximum of 200 images thanks to its 16MB built-in memory; G.729 recording format that is noise tolerant and ideal for LP mode recording; kit for connecting to PC (USB cable, PC link software) is supplied so that users can instantly hook up the IC-DP200 to their PCs and edit the data; dual-file system allows sound to be recorded in either one of the two files (up to 100 message per file) according to contents; and compact design with excellent portability and operability.