Spotwave Wireless Launches in-building Coverage Product

Spotwave Wireless Launches in-building Coverage Product


Spotwave Wireless, a wireless technology company solving the reception problems common to cellular phones, today announced the commercial availability of SpotCell 100, which eliminates poor wireless reception in buildings.

“Even though the much-anticipated new data services and next-generation technologies will be great, today’s customers are frustrated with BASIC quality of service issues,” said John Cusack, nineteen year wireless industry veteran and President of Wireless Consulting, Inc. Cusack continued, “Poor coverage is a wireless industry headache that just won’t go away, and in-building coverage is something customers want, expect and, increasingly, demand. The fact is, that if a wireless service provider can fix in-building coverage, it will accomplish two key revenue objectives: 1) increased customer satisfaction / decreased churn, and, 2) increased in-building airtime minutes-of- use.”

SpotCell 100 is easily installed in buildings requiring improved coverage, complements the existing network and provides coverage up to 20,000 square feet. The product is based on smart antenna technology located at the subscriber premises. Spotwave’s patent-pending technology continually optimizes output, based on an ever changing, dynamic environment. This adaptive approach is critical to the product’s rapid installation, and eliminates the need for ongoing monitoring and reconfiguration.

“Our carrier customers are excited by the potential that SpotCell 100 unlocks – they know where the coverage problems are, and have been frustrated by the lack of feasible solutions,” said Shane Young, CEO & President, Spotwave Wireless. “We’ve all experienced weak signals and poor reception, and are tired of standing near the window to make a call. The SpotCell 100 solution is an enormously powerful and affordable way to alleviate these problems.”

SpotCell 100 Features:

Extends wireless signals in trouble spots of up to 20,000 square feet, allowing phones to be used with clear reception

Installs in less than one hour, without the need for test equipment, special tools or knowledge of the network

Fully adaptive solution means no user controls are necessary, and monitoring is not required – the product adapts to changing conditions automatically

Dramatically reduces cell phone output power resulting in longer available talk time

Full A or B band selectivity allows carriers to help their own customers, without interfering with alternate carriers (or helping competitors)

Available immediately, SpotCell 100 is sold on a per location basis.